Cheers! This airport lounge has its own whisky bar

Fancy a dram before your flight? Take your pick of some 120 whiskies curated from all around the world.

By David Flynn, February 3 2022
Cheers! This airport lounge has its own whisky bar

A world-class whiskey bar in an airport lounge? It seems obvious: very modern yet classic and almost Mad Men, something of the moment which taps into global enthusiasm for the dram.

It’s certainly something you’d expect to find at a major airport in the UK, the USA or perhaps Japan – but not at Zurich, northern hub for the buttoned-down Swiss and home ground of Swiss Airlines.

Yet nestled into a corner of the Swiss Senator Lounge at Zurich Airport’s Terminal E is the 28/10 Whisky Club.

“We actually had a hard time to convince everyone” recalls Swiss lounge exec Anna Brändli, reflecting on the airline's initial reaction to the idea.

A whisky bar “is not something very European, not from central Europe” she told Executive Traveller – bars for “wine, maybe beer and maybe grappa” are a better cultural fit.

“I’m not a whisky drinker but sometimes I set in the whisky club watching our guests and they really enjoy it.”

The 28/10 Whisky Club is named for one of the airport’s three runways, which are also sketched on the wall and seen in the design of the shelving behind the bar.

The bar itself showcases some 120 different whiskies from around the world, so this is a lounge you don't want to miss by running late for your flight.

Instead, take your time to relax, explore and appreciate some very different drops – or maybe just revisit a favourite or two, which may spark memories of their own.

Swiss details the complete collection in an impressive 'whisky menu' to help travellers decide on their pre-flight dram.

The collection includes five locally-distilled single malts from the Swiss highlands – ranging from the intense peated Säntis Malt Schwarz and its woody fruity sibling  Säntis Malt Föhnsturm to the vanilla and grain notes of Macardo Single Malt and the “oaks, figs, prunes, orange, citrus, hints of tea and leather” cornucopia of Swiss Highland Bergsturz.

With a warming whisky in hand, and a view over the airfield and the Swiss Alps beyond, there are arguably few better ways to set off on an international Swiss flight.

Access to the Swiss Senator Lounges at Zurich is open to first class travellers on Swiss, Lufthansa and Star Alliance member airlines plus any frequent flyers holding HON Circle, Miles & More Senator or Star Alliance Gold status.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 May 2012

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I've just checked and seen they're part of Star Alliance. Do you know if Air NZ Gold is good enough to get in this lounge to enjoy that bar?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

19 Aug 2011

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Yes all *A Golds are entitled to access to the Senator lounge including NZ, as long as you are flying out on a *A flight that day from that terminal (which is only used for long haul flights).


14 Jun 2013

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Sure thing, let me Google that for you.

"Swiss senator lounge access" =, which lists Star Alliance Gold as eligible for access.

Maybe you can try Googling this yourself next time.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 May 2012

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thx everyone who helped.

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

12 Sep 2011

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The shower rooms are quite nice too

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

31 Jan 2016

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BA has (had) a whiskey 'snub' in the Glasgow lounge.  Only 3 or 4 different bottles of some old Glenfiddich single malts and a blend, but very interesting.

I do like the gin bar in the QF lounge in London for trying something different on the way through...

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