What meals are Qantas and Virgin serving in business class?

Qantas and Virgin Australia now plate up very different meals at the pointy end of the plane, but that's not the whole story...

By David Flynn, December 17 2020
What meals are Qantas and Virgin serving in business class?

After eight long months of local lockdowns and interstate lock-outs, Australians are once again taking to the skies. For many, it could even be their first flight of the year.

The changes to the air travel experience wrought by COVID-19 are obvious – at the airport, in lounges and during the flight itself – so if you're jaunting around in business class, what are the meals like, and how do they compare between Qantas and Virgin Australia?

Qantas has already bounced back from the abbreviated boxed meals of a few months ago (as shown below) with hot plated dishes back on the menu.

Here's what Qantas' domestic business class breakfast looked like in June 2020.
Here's what Qantas' domestic business class breakfast looked like in June 2020.

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For its part, Virgin Australia remains in a 'holding position' ahead of the relaunch of its business class proposition early next year.

Virgin has moved on from the days of #NoodleGate, when business class passengers were handed a pot of Fantastic-brand instant cup noodles ($1.60 from Woolworths) and now distributes snack boxes, which we expect will be replaced by something more substantial in the coming months.

While we can't imagine the airline's former Luke Mangan creations being plated up at the pointy end, there's still plenty of scope to offer a delicious, healthy meal to business travellers who might have gone straight from check-in to departure gate, or made just a quick coffee pit-stop at the lounge.

It remains to be seen what's on the menu in Virgin Australia's new business class experience...
It remains to be seen what's on the menu in Virgin Australia's new business class experience...

But for now, what's the state of business class fare in the air?

Here, some Executive Traveller readers share snaps of a few recent business class meals served on board domestic Qantas and Virgin Australia flights.

Qantas' business class breakfast selection (shown here from Brisbane to Darwin) is familiar territory for many long-time frequent flyers: a frittata, sausage, spinach, tomato relish with a yoghurt, fresh fruit and a bakery item.

Qantas business class breakfast (Brisbane-Darwin).. Michael Corrigan
Qantas business class breakfast (Brisbane-Darwin).
Michael Corrigan

A hot chicken-and-veg lunch, accompanied by cheese, crackers and the mandatory Lindt chocolate, was served on the return leg from Darwin to Brisbane.

Qantas business class lunch (Darwin-Brisbane).. Michael Corrigan
Qantas business class lunch (Darwin-Brisbane).
Michael Corrigan

Another hot Qantas lunch (this one from the diabetic special meal selection) served flying business class between Brisbane and Mackay.

Qantas business class lunch (Brisbane-Mackay).. Keith Smith
Qantas business class lunch (Brisbane-Mackay).
Keith Smith

For this 9.20am Sydney-Hobart flight: a kale, black bean and broccoli salad (matched with a Heirloom Pinot Grigio).

Qantas business class breakfast (Sydney-Hobart).. Nathan Cosgrove
Qantas business class breakfast (Sydney-Hobart).
Nathan Cosgrove

Switching over to Virgin Australia business class: breakfast on the popular Sydney-Melbourne route is a boxed serve of cereal, milk, snacks and a bakery item (two chocolate brownies).

Virgin Australia's business class breakfast (Sydney-Melbourne).. Davida Leahy Pori
Virgin Australia's business class breakfast (Sydney-Melbourne).
Davida Leahy Pori

Post-breakfast, the snack boxes shift their focus to, well, a variety of snacks, where the closest thing to a simple sandwich is a bag of baked Lavosh crackers.

Virgin Australia snack box (Cairns-Brisbane).. Anne-Marie Norris
Virgin Australia snack box (Cairns-Brisbane).
Anne-Marie Norris
Virgin Australia snack box (Brisbane-Canberra).. Bevan Webber
Virgin Australia snack box (Brisbane-Canberra).
Bevan Webber

If this contest is about business class meals, then Qantas wins without even trying – although it bears repeating that Virgin's snack boxes are a temporary measure, with the challenger's new business class experience yet to be revealed.

Also worth taking into consideration is less the difference in food than the difference in airfares.

As a rule, Virgin's business class tickets now cost significantly less than Qantas as the challenger shifts to its new mid-market 'value' trajectory.

Depending on the route and to an extent the popularity of the flight, the delta is several hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars – and that'll buy you a pretty decent meal on its own.

How the fares compare

To illustrate, here's a spot check of Qantas and Virgin Australia business class pricing on several key domestic routes around the middle of January 2021.

Between Sydney and Melbourne, Qantas' business class fares mostly sat at $715, with some flights at $922 and a handful at $1,144.

Virgin Australia's rates were pegged at $449 for Business Saver and $599 for the flexible standard Business fare.

On the Sydney-Brisbane route, Qantas business class showed at a steady $900, with Virgin's business class fares again at $449 and $599.

For Melbourne-Brisbane business class, Qantas varied between $817 and $1,163, compared to Virgin Australia's $549 and $699.

Finally, the transcontinental trek from Sydney to Perth: Qantas showed only $2,571 tickets in business class, with Virgin at $999 and $1,299.

By any measure those are substantial differences, especially at a time when so many businesses are tightening their belts and travel budgets.

Admittedly, some other factors come into play.

Qantas' Airbus A330s easily trump Virgin's Boeing 737s for the east-west business class experience.
Qantas' Airbus A330s easily trump Virgin's Boeing 737s for the east-west business class experience.

One is frequency of service, and how well the airline's timetable suits your own schedule: Virgin doesn't always list as many flights as Qantas.

A solid example is the Sydney-Perth route, where our mid-January check showed Virgin Australia with only two flights per day against four or five by Qantas.

And most if not all of those Qantas flights were on an Airbus A330, which boasts a far superior business class experience for the five-hour trip than Virgin's Boeing 737s.

But again, this is part of the overall package – as are elements such as the lounge and inflight WiFi – and in the end it comes down to where the individual business traveller sees value.

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David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

18 Jul 2018

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If you compared based on fare difference then there's nothing wrong with VA. Sometimes as much as half the price... The Qantas meals aren't worth $200 to $400. :-)

Are they really a competing product when the fare difference is so stark? QF Economy tickets priced at what VA Business tickets are often makes VA seem exceptional from a value proposition...

09 Mar 2015

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I had those snack boxes on my Sydney-Melbourne trip this week and I'm in the middle on this. Is it suitable for 'business class'? No, it's really the sort of thing you might expect in economy, and I am surprised that after this long Virgin is still developing its 'new business class' offering. But I chose to fly Virgin because the fare was almost half the price of Qantas, so VA business class return was almost the cost of Qantas one-way. If Virgin is going to keep that pricing then I won't expect a 'Qantas' meal but I will still want something more substantial.

09 Aug 2015

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Really looks cheap, Virgin better be making sure to tell every passenger this is just temporary and then they better get moving on launching this new business class in January. Keep the great fares but upgrade the meal, it doesn't have to come close to what Qantas has, just make it worthy of being business class. I'm getting a hot smoked salmon poke bowl from local food court today and that will beat those snack boxes.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 Feb 2015

Total posts 332

I flew up to Hamilton Island last week QF (business) and on the beverage front, they are still not offering spirits. On offer was white and red wine, and two or three options for beer.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

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Flew Brisbane-Perth on 15th Dec and it was just what I thought it would be re food service. Fortunately I was prepared for this and carried a nice “snack box” of my own with nice cold meats, cheeses, pickles and crackers etc.

The VA “ snack box “ was truly awful and most of the 8 J Class passengers only ate a little of the meagre contents. One good thing was that there was plenty of good Shiraz wine and it was of very nice quality .

The fellow sitting alongside me was totally disgusted with the offering so much so that he said will never fly VA again as he does not think they will ever offer a decent food service so is jumping ship and taking his staff travel with him. It's a shame but VA in his words could and should have done better than this and they had plenty of time to do better. Sure it’s cheaper than QF but they could and should have done a lot better than this. There’s a lot of J class passengers jumping ship so VA need to sort this out for the better really soon.

I sincerely hope they fix this as they indicate they are reviewing it . The lounge food was a raspberry muffin, banana bread, cereals and orange juice. Apart from the cereals not much of an option but was just acceptable.

Funny thing though as social distancing was practiced throughout the terminal but the flight was totally full with no social distancing possible on board but when we disembarked we were told to maintain social distancing. Odd how we can sit right alongside another person for over 5 hours but have to distance on the ground. I guess rules are rules no matter how odd they are.

My return flight is end of January so I hope VA have this service issue sorted out by then as they are such a great bunch of people and it was such a great Airline so it would be so nice to see some sort of a good quality service on board again.

24 Oct 2010

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I'm going to add my 2c to the discussion on domestic business class meals. Those who know me know I'm a fan of Pret a Manger when it comes to a simple, fresh and healthy 'grab and go' meal when I'm in London. I've often held up the basic concept of Pret as being, in my opinion, well-suited to some inflight meals (depending on the route and travel class). If Virgin's new business class offered something like a fresh Pret-style baguette, yoghurt, something sweet or savoury and decent coffee, that could hit the spot on at very least short 'triangle' routes.

Yes, wondering if somebody was going to cite Pret as a good example. What I don't understand is why Virgin doesn't have its own lounges make up the meals. Baguettes, salad bowls and poke bowls, you don't have to get too fancy to have a decent meal on a 60-90 minute flight.  Maybe this is what they'll do next year for business class.  Get suppliers of raw ingredients, have kitchen staff at the lounge do like Pret does and make the meals throughout the day so they're pretty fresh, put them into a fridge and then have a trolley bring them to the gate to load for the eight maximum business class passengers. Sometimes you'd load enough for the return flight, eg BNE-CNS.


30 Jun 2015

Total posts 27

As a VA Plat I was often underwhelmed by the J catering, particularly the day that fruit scones and cream (fruit!) was the only offering on three consecutive flights.

Even Marks & Sparks pre packs would be a better option.

Seriously though, David this is a great suggestion that VA should look at.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

Total posts 238

How very droll Russell!!

Delta Air Lines - SkyMiles

16 Oct 2017

Total posts 138

That Qantas lunch plate  DRW-BNE  looks like a dog's breakfast I reckon. I'd rather BYO.


31 Oct 2013

Total posts 13

Just flew business on Brisbane- Sydney QF 521 and waiting in lounge before heading to ADL in same class.

As I had some of the breakfast snacks in the Business Lounge earlier I didn’t need food.

Traveller next to me was offered a pie or a salad - maybe because it was a 1030 flight.   Both looked good.

Flew VA Business BNE-ADL return  in September and was disappointed by offerings but the cost was so low I got over that disappointment as I could have got a nice bottle of Penfolds at a restaurant with the difference.

There seems to be a few comments about Qantas not serving spirits as well as Virgin - I was unaware Qantas served spirits in the past?  I thought this had stopped a few years back???

Qantas business class meals are IMHO a bit over-rated, and also a bit hit-and-miss. Once Virgin gets its new business class menu off the ground I think it'll be the clear winner in terms of value for money assuming their fares stay this low. I wouldn't even bother with the snack box anyway, when I fly Virgin out of Sydney I used to always go to [email protected] and get a really good breakfast or lunch or even a dinner, sometimes on arrival, beats whatever they have at the Virgin lounge  anyway. I'd rather pay $30 for a really good meal and have a solid menu to choose from, than make do with whatever is served during the flight just because it's free and included in the fare. In fact I would be more likely just to ask the VA crew for a few extra serves of whatever basic dry snacks they have plus a nice drink, and sit back to catch up on email or read or listen to music.


03 May 2013

Total posts 653

Qantas meals are more substantial in keeping with the prices they charge. Theirs and neil perry's idea of a 'salad' is delusional. A few ripped pieces of overgrown weed like greens might pass as rabbit food-just.

Jetstar Airways - Qantas Frequent Flyer

24 Aug 2018

Total posts 105

Hi David, thank you for this type of article which compares the two main contestants for our travel dollars. with a continued embargo on international travel, domestic cost analysis is increasingly important. Would love to know how the Melb. to Cairns flight cost compare as Pt Douglas is a key multiple destination for the next 8 months, until all craziness (covid-19) hopefully stops. From my perspective, the meals are a minor consideration as the choice of food options in Pt Douglas are pretty limitless  

Hey OttoV, you can look up Melbourne-Cairns on the Qantas and Virgin websites and let us know how the costs compare, maybe on those regional routes there might be less of a massive gap like on the major routes listed in this article. But once travel gets back to normal with all airport outlets open etc I think you'll be right that most places will offer great choice of dining either in the city or town, or at the airport and not always the lounge, if VA2 keeps its pricing keen then it really will be a proper challenge to Qantas this time.

29 Jan 2020

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Can someone enlighten me re the no spirits situation?


31 Oct 2013

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Currently on board Qantas Syd-Adl in J class.  

Two meal offerings. 

Not sure if it is “Dinner Service” as we left at 1645.

Either 2 x Sausage Rolls with Beerenberg Chutney or a Egg Salad.  Rolls were quite nice but the red wine has helped.

The salad looked rather plain.

The Sydney business lounge was offering a rather plain Beef casserole but the roll and salad offerings were satisfactory.

All depends on what you want/need to justify the spend.  

More important considerations at the moment imho.  (Space/masks/boarding/ etc)

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Oct 2011

Total posts 461

That's the afternoon tea service; you were too early for dinner.


19 Apr 2012

Total posts 1409

This is early days on pricing. These won’t last as the yield computers do their magic. By end of January when businesses come out of the holiday period, These prices will trend together. It all depends when the bean counters in the Qantas corporate accounts run their abacus over the prices and begin to growl.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

13 Mar 2020

Total posts 6

In the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of taking several flights in Qantas business and economy, below outlines the food I was offered and the other choices.

QANTAS evening flight deprating 1600 arriving 2135 

QF847 DRW - SYD,


Chicken in lemon thyme sauce with vegetables (the same as the DRW - BNE above), this was excellent or Pumpkin and quinoa salad. Served with the same cheese and chocolate and sourdough, roughly 1 hour away from SYD a macadamia fruit slice.

Was served with white, sparkling or red wine and 1 choice of beer (fifty lashes) 

QANTAS morning Flights 

QF848 PER - DRW 0730 - 1230


Tortilla with egg and capsicum or Omelette bites with mac and cheese, served with water and tea or coffee.

QF401 SYD - MEL  0630 - 0725


Omelette with spinach and berrenburg chutney (again excellent) or muesli. Served with passionfruit yoghurt, an apple and a custard tart.

Only tea, coffee, water and juice available 

QF675 MEL - ADL 0805 - 0850


Egg white omlete with mushroom, spinach and bacon with berrenburg chutney or muesli, omlete was different but muesli was same as 401. Served with mixed berry yougurt, a banana and a salted caramel and walnut muffin.

Again only tea, coffee, water and juice available.

QANTAS afternoon flights 

QF858 ADL - ASP 1330 - 1430


Pumpkin tart or kale tart with a meat pie and berrenburg chutney. Served with a chocolate, sourdough a bar service of red, white or beer. 

QF858 ASP - DRW 1515 - 1715


Chicken in lemon thyme sauce with vegetables (same as QF847 and above) or beef in mushroom sauce. Served with a chocolate, Garlic bread and a bar service of red, white or beer. 

QF849 DRW - PER 1325 - 1545


Bubble and squeak with bacon sandwich or fetta and spinach sausage roll, served with water and a bar service. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

Total posts 238

There has been a lot of comparisons between the price of  Business Class fares of QF and VA.

What I find interesting is that a fare comparison between VA Economy and Business is worth a look. 

Eg. Brisbane- Perth.  VA Elevate  is around $1100 return whilst Business is $ 2900.

So for an extra $1800 we get a “ delicious snack box “ , beer or wine and a better seat.

Sure VA are rumoured to be reviewing Business Class and providing better meals some time before too long but surely for the big price difference a bit better food offering would not be too hard to do right now until they make the decision.

I just can’t see why not.

No doubt some Forum members will have a reason not to.

05 Mar 2015

Total posts 361

Not sure what dates you're looking at Rod? I just checked using the same 'mid-Jan' period as in this article, VA BNE-PER is $399 for Elevate Economy, $719 for Freedom Economy and $999 for Business Saver.

But I take your point that yes, there's a big gap between the mid-range economy fare and the cheapest business fare, in this case $400 vs $1000. Probably easier to make the case for that on a longer east-west flight like this compared to a shorter trip like BNE-SYD or BNE-MEL.

If you're not a regular traveller than business also gives you lounge access but as a frequent flyer then Elevate becomes more appealing because you already have lounge access, you could pay extra for Economy X to get more legroom and still come out hundreds of dollars ahead, same with buying a meal on board in economy or even better buying something decent at the airport.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

Total posts 238

QFP1. I used Sunday 20th dates as they are current quotes.

Business Saver is not available on a few sectors so I used  2 fare structures in my post.

As you have said it’s quite a big difference and that’s the whole point of my post asking why VA could not do a bit better given the price.

I sincerely hope they get their act together for J class as it was such a wonderful airline to fly with and such wonderful staff.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Dec 2020

Total posts 1

Soggy meat pie with sauce was the Business Class offering on QF615 BNE-MEL yesterday. Given the other current reductions in cabin service you would think Qantas could at least offer something decent to eat for those paying a premium for a Business class seat . Think I might have preferred two minute noodles if they were available.

I learned to love a good meat pie as much as the next man but there's zero excuse for trying to pass off a meat pie as a business class meal. I don't think even Virgin would try that and if it did I would expect it to be slammed just like it was for Noodlegate!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Oct 2011

Total posts 461

It wasn't a meal. That flight is a 9.30am departure, so it's morning tea that's the advertised F&B, rather than a meal.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 Nov 2019

Total posts 74

Id prefer a meal box in business than a full hot meal within Australia, and pay less, so I will certainly swing my business travel to Virgin. Its the future. I can save $300 each way Melbourne to Brisbane and spend $100 on that at the breakfast creek hotel for a better meal than what Joycey thinks is suitable to the price of the fare. Travelled to Adelaide from Melbourne last week and it was a bottle of water and a skanky box of cheese and biscuits in economy, but I had six seat to myself. People, travel economy why you can whilst the flights are empty. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

Total posts 238

This thread just goes to show that there is considerable dissatisfaction with VA’s awful food service in Business Class or should I say lack thereof.

I have stated my feelings on other threads but it’s nice to see that I’m not alone in my feelings.

One can only hope the the new VA management read forums like this and recognise the level of dissatisfaction and sooner than later do something about it.  Yes, they say they are rehashing J class but that won’t be for a fair while yet and in the meantime it would be a smart move to provide a much better quality and value offering.

The once great service Airline can start to return to close to what it was with a bit of rational thought and consideration.

That caMt happen soon enough for myself and quite a few others.


09 May 2020

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While some comments suggest the savings on VA J class compared to QF (esp long domestic flights) justify the poorer food selection on offer, I am sure they will be people who are not aware of the ongoing issues with VA food service and therefore did not prepare for it, unlike Rod H who brought his own pack.

While the food service on QF may not be worth the hundreds or thousand of dollars difference, surely most people would expect more than offered on the VA J class meal service so far, particularly when the “snack pack” given as a meal service on a long VA flight looks like a fortified (double size) version QF economy class snack box of 2019 on the non-meal flight schedule.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

14 Sep 2016

Total posts 31

Just did this flight comparison leg 1: Melb - Brisbane VA 18 Dec - Business Class 

2 passengers: fully paid in row 1 

With “Discovery Gold” as Platinum Qantas members; our puppy came with us; hence we did this flight as he was on it, through courier service (airlines both are not allowing self checking dogs) FYI - so be prepared to pay a hefty fee!

Regardless Leg 1: Melb - BNE Virgin Australia 

- had priority lane open in Melbourne with actual staff at counter in Melbourne.

- counter Hit and miss, service though 1 staff member and a “floater” she clearly didn’t care... this floater whom would come back and forth...when queue expanded; thus took about 5-8mins in line we got close to front; was a bit slow but fine... for ensuring bag checked and all was processed fairly fast

- Lounge Melbourne; this is now the “Chairman’s” aka VA The Club; which was decent. Albeit packed! And layout is a mess with curvy walls and do not expect “The Club” service.... its worse than a AA lounge! Crisps in a bowl with cling wrap, sandwiches in a box from coles type... NO cans / bottle water - everything is poured into glass cups!

- this is done by staff no self serve at all! But comfy enough to punch out some calls and emails 


- crew were amazing in Business VA  Melb crew and they were super kind! 

- fast boarding express line; we weren’t given mask as we wear our own; and no hand sanitizer or wipes? Had to ask when at seat for some... it seemed a mess / hassle to find them for us? Odd...

- considering.... the seat “hygienist” type clean is claimed to have been done each flight; but the overhead vents I used 3 wipes that literally were brown/ black with dust and debris. Vile - even the crew had to write this down! It was seat 1A and 1C which we were in, however the chair and tables were super clean considering older plane 737

- 2pm flight:  “food” and beverages wine, beer, soft drink tea etc... shocking as per above, almost as bad as noodlegate but was actually just a box of crackers, dip, and 2 muffins and one salty mix of soy things... not even a simple cheese box! .... was not impressed and nor were the crew, they said to each one of us as she handed it out “ I apologise on behalf of Virgin Australia, this will all be new and amazing March”

- this was kind and caring, I guess they must be getting a lot of complaints!? 

- we knew this was the case thanks to the above article before we flew on Friday.... so just endured it; and I stuck to ginger ale and partner had wine red Shiraz it was Okay.... and all in plastic? Compared to the lounge in glass? 


- brilliant idea @David! Being a Londoner I know it too well! Lots of great options and totally agree it could be made in their “new lounge” kitchen. I think it’s amazing idea and would have been far happier with that! 


- Pair with a supplier to each ports suppliers aka Melbourne had Chirico bakery baguettes etc 

- Sydney has some lovely ones 

- Qantas used to use Patricias in James st on their flights many years ago! It was just beautiful quiches and baguettes! Simple heat and serve! 

Final Summary/ Point Fare and other:  

Thus as this and other articles point out the final is really down to your needs / price/ loyalty:

- this price was insanely cheap! It was $565 Biz Saver 60 Status Credits and $699 Biz full 70 Status Credits for partner (booking error on their site) thus with family pooling we got Discovery Gold immediately! (New rules in affect meant family pooling now counts) so got 2 free Gold for myself and family for 12months.... will be gifting these! 

- the dog was on this flight! Thus helped and was a great timing flight 

- the seat and away from packed Eco X and Eco; this was a bonus 

- FARE Difference.....the prices!!! Qantas 2:10pm was $1450pp! I paid less for 2 of us in VA; no real difference except food, Biz lounge food etc... but that was it... I don’t think VA $1300 +- for 2 pax one way VS Qantas $2900 = $1600 fare difference! 

- thus cost ratio for that $1600 extra on The Red Roo will be any better for $1600! Their food pictured above in article is not worth that! .... I could go couple times or more to VuDeMonde or Entrcote have them deliver several meals to me for the VA flights in a picnic bag! 

LEG 2 BNE to Melb.......Qantas:

Will be Flying home in Qantas early January 6pm “dinner” flight....$1150.00 pp - so will see what leaps out! 

And update..... 

Anyway.....Safe travels this Holiday season - all! 

Especially keep strong Sydney NSW folks; this is the worst (Sydney is my home too) sad timing....

....just heartbroken for everyone their and my family as I can’t fly there on the way back as originally planned to see my family as planned and all the others impacted.

21 Apr 2019

Total posts 15

Yes the VA price is right,however there is no thought into box contents.

Two chocolate muffins when one would suffice.A dip the size of a 20cent piece. It would not cost any dollars to make it look like they cared.

You would think they would lose any loyalty especially once Rex is up and running withpromise of good food plus low fares.

Qantas is smug looking very BA.

Similar in lounge a white bread tuckshop cheese sandwich.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

Total posts 238

There have been quite a few very informative posts from Forum members .

It just goes to show how much dissatisfaction there is with VA’s product in particular.

According to reports VA management will review Business Class early next year but according to Shannonbarry51’s post VA crew told him it would better in March.

I sincerely hope the March date is incorrect because if it is correct then I believe irreparable damage will have been done to VA Business Class.

Surely management would not be that stupid as to wait that long but one never knows.

It’s a strange group there in “fort fumble” , surely there must be one level headed thinker there?

Thai Airways International - Royal Orchid Plus

15 Jan 2013

Total posts 378

not sure about business on virgin but am dreading economy on the 6:10am to brisbane ex adelaide.subway is not an option so have to settle to get something the night before from charlies cliub sandwich thursday.hopefully returning tuesday night out of brisbane the airport has something decent before getting on plane.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

Total posts 238

There is a post on an aircrew forum re. VA and their woes which I have set out below with some minor omissions .

“ No proper catering till March, no inboard internet amongst other things. Fighting with staff will be the least of their worries soon”.

Seems like the date being bantered around of March for Business / economy catering being implemented is the most likely.

If correct it’s a race to the bottom of Business Class by VA and they seem to be winning the race.

The  leprechaun must be laughing all the way to the bank as he sees all of the Business Class passengers jumping ship to QF.


09 May 2020

Total posts 509

It would be madness for VA mk II to wait until March to roll out their product as if they are waiting to see what REx is going to come up with with their new J class.

If VA is really seeing REx as their competitor in the same class then it’s an all new low for this company under JH and frankly I am sad that QF will not be threatened and standards may slip back to pre 2007-8

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

Total posts 238

XWu. How right you are. VA seem to be neglecting Business class at their own peril.

When they finally make a decision on Business class service a lot of people will decide whether to jump ship to QF that’s if they haven’t done so already. I for one will make my decision then as well.

I just hope it’s sooner than later otherwise the damage done may be irreversible .

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

30 Oct 2015

Total posts 64

I just can't see Virgin continuing business - as said previously above, Virgin have forgotten about business class. It's like they hope, as so called valued frequent flyers, we enjoy thongs & ugg boots in the lounge & VB on tap with a bowl of crackers. This is going to be the battle of bogan airways. As a VA platinum, I feel for the VA staff left, they must be so embarrassed as to what the airline is becoming. At least QF offered a fast track - now I'm settling in at QF. 

Good luck Jayne- you are gonna need it with as "loyal" flyers.....

By the way, the team at "Catfish" have been trying to contact you Jayne - I just want to know why you've left me as a previous loyal VA Platinum.....

05 Jan 2021

Total posts 10

Great to see so many responses.

I usually connect from other services so rely on the food on the plane - I usually don't have time to sit in the lounge and eat and drink there - so the onboard business class food is important to me .

I have been disappointed with Qantas J food in the last 3 months - sure I accepted the boxes early .

An example of what I am saying -

I recently flew J BNE-ADL at dinner time and was offered 2 party  pies !!!

On the return , there was some chicken meat in what my seat neighbour called "slop". It didn't look good and tasted plain.

If VA keeps its J fares lowish and upgrades its J class meal offers , its  is going to be real competition for QF domestic.

And who knows what REX is going to offer up in terms of premium meals?

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