Starlux exec: the airline “will certainly” join an alliance

As the Taiwanese startup spreads its wings, it sees alliance membership as a logical next step.

By David Flynn, August 24 2021
Starlux exec: the airline “will certainly” join an alliance
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Taiwan’s Starlux Airlines sees membership of an airline alliance in its future, once the startup has expanded its fleet and network across Asia and to North America.

The carrier’s push into the premium Taiwan-Singapore route has raised the question of alliance membership as part of its longer-term playbook.

On that busy Asian corridor, Starlux will battle against incumbents China Airlines, EVA Air and Singapore Airlines – each with its own legion of loyalists, and each of which belongs to a global alliance.

And as Starlux spreads its wings even further, it believes alliance membership will help level the international playfield field.

“We are a new airline in the beginning stages of development, so it is still too early for us to join an alliance,” Starlux’ Chief Communications Officer KW Nieh tells Executive Traveller

“However, once we have reached a certain level of growth, we will certainly become a member of an alliance to provide more convenience to our passengers.”

As to which alliance Starlux would join, the answer seems obvious.

With local rivals China Airlines and EVA Air respectively belonging to SkyTeam (since 2011) and Star Alliance (since 2013), Oneworld appears to be the only option.

Of Oneworld’s 14 full members, its Asia footprint is headlined by Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines, along with Malaysia Airlines and SriLankan Airlines.

Approached for comment, a Oneworld spokesperson told Executive Traveller “we are always in talks with various airlines on prospective membership, but we can't comment on any airline specifically until talks come to a conclusion.”

Positioned as a "detail-oriented luxury airline", Starlux was founded in mid-2018 by long-term Taiwanese aviation executive and former EVA Air chairman Chang Kuo-wei, scion of one of the island-nation's richest families with an estimated net worth of US$1.45 billion.

However, shortly after launching in January 2020, Starlux flew headlong into the Covid pandemic and was forced to rebuild its nascent network route by route.

Starlux currently flies a fleet of single-aisle Airbus A321neo jets crowned by eight fully lie-flat business class seats, but from 2022 this will be bolstered by eight Airbus A330neo jets to serve the Asia-Pacific region, alongside Airbus A350s which will feature first class and business class cabins.


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05 Mar 2015

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If Starlux is going to join any alliance then yes, obviously, Oneworld would be the one, unless something happens with China Airlines or EVA. I'd be super happy to see Starlux in Oneworld, it would be great addition to the group!

I see a lot of good reports of Starlux but they are going to need an alliance behind them if they want to really grow and remain competitive. There are simply too many reasons to stick with a Star Alliance or Skyteam member airline if that's where you have your status and points, no matter how good an independent competitor is. But with JAL and CX so close, will they object to Starlux joining Oneworld?

16 Nov 2018

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Probably a good topic to talk about in 10 years time.

Absolutely would love to see Starlux in OneWorld, obviously this is still a few years away, if the A330s and A350s begin delivery from 2022 and that happens across the course of a few years, then we might be looking at 2025, I just hope Starlux survives until then, because Taiwan is not a big market and it already has two airlines of its own plus others like SQ and CX flying to various Taiwanese cities as well as Taipei.

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