Photos: inside Singapore Changi Airport's new T4 terminal

By David Flynn, June 20 2017
Photos: inside Singapore Changi Airport's new T4 terminal

As the opening of Singapore Changi Airport's new Terminal 4 draws near, here's a sneak peek at what travellers will see inside the large lush space.

First up, get ready for a sea of self check-in machines. 

"T4 will be Changi Airport's flagship terminal for self-service processes" said Li San Poh, who heads up the T4 project.

"Travellers can go 'straight-to-gate from kerbside' – sailing through check-in, immigration, security screening and boarding gate clearance – without the need for reliance on service staff."

Of course, passengers in business class and first class – along with top-tier frequent flyers – will still enjoy that personal touch at the premium checkin desks of each airline flying from T4.

That roster currently includes Cathay Pacific – which will open its largest lounge outside of Hong Kong at T4 – along with SkyTeam members Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines, plus low-cost carrier Air Asia.

The terminal and each of its 21 gates will feature full-height glass and indoor greenery, with "a boulevarde of trees" near each boarding gate (and a very Changi carpet).

Play areas and other diversions will be dotted throughout the terminal.

The 'fast and seamless travel' experience will extend to automated boarding at the departure gates.

And unlike Changi's other three terminals, T4 will seperate arriving and departing passengers – so there'll be a single security checkpoint when travellers enter the 'airside' zone of T4 rather than individual security 'choke-points' at each gate.

A large slice of Terminal 4 will of course be given over to retail and dining...

... with some premium brands nestled behind colourful facades based on Peranakan shop-houses.

However, T4 won't be connected to its siblings by the elevated Skytrain light rail system – there'll be a shuttle bus instead.

An automated rail link was considered, Poh said, but ruled out due to  both the distance required and the presence of "some existing infrastructure and services." 

“We weighed the options between a Skytrain and shuttle bus and concluded that the shuttle bus is a much better, effective means of transport to connect Terminal 4 and other terminals.”


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American Airlines - AAdvantage

04 Jul 2012

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Meanwhile, London will stil be discussing if they need a new airport or expand Heathrow.

Cathay Pacific - Asia Miles

25 Apr 2013

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+1 for expanding (and renovating) Heathrow.

Do we have any idea which airlines will be based at Terminal 4? 

Will the shuttle service be dedicated direct transfers between T1,2 & 3 much like at LHR? Or will it be a link to one of the  three terminals, where pax will need to hop on the sky train to get to the other two?  This will impact Changi's hub status.

Will the shuttle be  available to both airside and non-airside pax/members of the public? There will be immigration/visa consequences if it's only the latter.

25 Feb 2013

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Looks good. Shame about the shuttle bus decision though - I'm yet to see an airport shuttle bus service done efficiently anywhere and there's no dressing up it's a second-rate option. Also seems to destroy the connectivity between terminals that makes Changi such a unique place. I guess if anyone can make one work it's Changi.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Aug 2012

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I get the distinct impression it's supposed to be a separate section. I suspect that this is going to be LCC central - automated this, automated that, cheap and cheerful.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Aug 2012

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I also call nonsense on the cost arguments for not extending the Skytrain - the T3 upgrade saw the Skytrain have flying junctions and all sorts of viaduct combinations. It's cost-cutting, which I think only reinforces my argument that T4 will be LCC central.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

10 Jan 2012

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This looks amazing, I would (and probably will) just fly to SIN to visit the terminal only.

Re: the shuttle bus. If any airport in the world can make a shuttle bus transfer work, it'll be Changi.

Provided that the shuttle time is reasonable for travellers to connect to the other terminals in time for their flight connections...


13 Sep 2012

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Seems very over the top for an LCC terminal. Maybe if they tone down the interior they might have money for the sky train??!!!

12 Jan 2012

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Meanwhile, Sydney can't even get a second airport or a consistent plan about its' current airport into shape.

SIN airport states T4 will be used for both full service and lost cost carriers. 

Cathay Pacific - Asia Miles

25 Apr 2013

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Will Singapore Airlines/Cathay be tempted to switch over?

I don't go visit terminals usually as an enthusiast, but these terminals do look swell.

Cathay is the first airline to switch over from T1.

Other airlines will be joining soon...

I hope they have suitable luggage racks on the buses then,and centre doors to get off.Its a nightmare on brisbane bus that goes between domestic to international,trying to load your luggage with everyone dumping theirs without concern for other travellers, and with any visit to SIN you see many passengers with lots of luggage.

02 Mar 2013

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Good to see they are maintaining the tradition of eye-watering carpet patterns at Changi.

29 Jan 2016

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Do we have an approximate opening date yet, and how with the Crowne Plaza guests fare getting T4. At the end of the year we are staying there overnight before heading off with Cathay. In the past it has been real easy.

Slated to open in the next half of 2017...

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