Qantas and Emirates seeking alliance?

By David Flynn, May 22 2012
Qantas and Emirates seeking alliance?

IN BRIEF | Could Qantas and Emirates be cosying up to a closer relationship, including codesharing flights to Europe via Dubai?

It may seem like an unusual hookup, but as in politics, business can make for odd bedfellows – and according to a report in today's Financial Review, Emirates is courting the Red Roo to "revitalise abandoned plans for a code-sharing agreement, a deal that would anchor the Australian carrier’s flailing international arm and help it ring-fence the local corporate market."

Such a deal was abandoned in 2002 but AFR aviation correspondent Andrew Cleary writes that both Emirates president Tim Clark and Qantas CEO Alan Joyce are talking the kind of talk which could re-kindle the relationship.

“I look at the way Qantas is today, and I think they would benefit from us as we would benefit from them,”  Emirates' Clark says. “They’re huge in the domestic market. Logically there’s quite a lot of work that theoretically the two companies could do.”

For his part, Alan Joyce is "full of praise for Emirates", writes Cleary.

Full story: Emirates courts Qantas in tie-up revival

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Alan Joyce is only following in the footsteps of John Borghetti on "How to build global network for your airline without huge costs."

And since Qantas continues to scale back its international operations to just Asia/USA and Australia, it makes sense for them to start doing codesharing. They won't need to find new planes, get new regulatory approvals etc etc all of which just means costs costs costs.


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Qantas did what VA is doing over a decade ago, as a founding party in Oneworld...

Still, an Emirates partnership would be a curious development. I'm almost tempted to say that this is a case of keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer.

This would be fantastic! My two favourite airlines forming a strong alliance.

Qantas and Emirates as partners would really benifit both airlines! It would be great for Emirates to join Oneword also...

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