Qantas to increase fuel surcharge on Emirates partner flights

By David Flynn, January 15 2014
Qantas to increase fuel surcharge on Emirates partner flights

Qantas will increase the fuel surcharge on all flights shared with partner airline Emirates, with the new fees adding up to $50 to the cost of a one-way ticket.

The higher charges will be imposed on Qantas tickets issued from January 23 and vary depending on the destination and class of ticket.

Qantas says the changes reflect "continued high fuel costs and a lower Australian dollar" and are part of the "ongoing alignment with Emirates".

One-way economy tickets will rise by an average of $13 and premium economy an average of $25, while business and first class will see an average $40 lift.

The biggest increases are on business class and first class tickets to Europe, the UK, North Africa and the Middle East, with travellers up for an extra $50 each way.

The majority of Qantas flights are part of the 'Qantas/Emirates network' and carry an Emirates EK flight number alongside their native QF code as part of the codeshare agreement between the two airlines.

As a result, routes which travellers may think have nothing to do with Emirates – such as the longstanding daily Sydney-Singapore and Melbourne-Singapore services – will be hit with the higher fuel surcharge from January 23.

However, the cost of tickets on Qantas flights which are not part of the Qantas/Emirates alliance – such as flights to the USA, Hong Kong and South Africa – will not change.

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

19 Nov 2011

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More ways to try and curb their financial loss... More surcharges!!!

I admire the airlines that don't charge them (handful but ...)

17 May 2012

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Doesn't "continued high fuel costs and a lower Australian Dollar" apply to US, Hong Kong and Soth Africa"?  QF continue spinning faster than a turbo prop. Its about alignment and none of the above reasons. Pathetic

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

25 Sep 2013

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17 May 2012

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I'd prefer to have no Australian national carrier than watch Qantas wither on the vine like they are to an International airline that flys nowhere of consequence. .


18 Oct 2012

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Given the price of fuel in the middle east you would have hoped that QF had got themselves a bloody good deal on fuel for the london routes.  

17 May 2012

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They no doubt have, but clearly not about to pass it on.


British Airways - Executive Club

24 Jan 2012

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Actually, the price of aviation fuel is usually determined by the Singapore market, not the Middle East.


18 Oct 2012

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I would be blown away if the Middle Eastern Airlines are paying any where the global average for Avation fuel - they pay about one 10th the price for car fuel. Particularly considering the royal families effectively own/contol both sides of the transaction and the grow of their aviation/tourism sector is such a prority. 

11 Mar 2012

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You'll be blown away I'm afraid.

Etihad, Emirates, and Qatar all pay market prices for fuel. What you're trying to pitch is complete fallacy.

Firstly, there are no local refineries that produce jet fuel in the ME region, therefore they have to source it just like everyone else (closest is in Singapore). Secondly, airlines still have to fill at their destinations for the return flights, hence they pay just like everyone else (on the corporate fuel card carried by the pilots).

A return DXB-SYD A380 flight burns almost half a mil USD in fuel. This hasn't changed for a while. Back in the days, GF (Gulf Air) was losing 150k USD a day just to operate SIN-SYD-SIN and that's why they pulled the plug on this extension.


Air China - Phoenix Miles

20 Dec 2012

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It doesn't matter, as I don't fly either of them to Europe or Southeast Asia.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

25 May 2012

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Does this mean that Classic Award redemptions for Emirates operated flights that carry an EK flight number will be unaffected?

Or more precisely, this fuel surchage increase only applies to QF flight numbers 8000 – 8999 (the Emirates codeshares)?

19 Jan 2012

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Frequent flyer devaluation for 2104 part 2 (part = increase in pts for upgrade).

Ironically not to align with EK since it has been the other way around (EK adding surcharges to its fare struicture to play catch up with QF).

Such are the wonders of the QF PR machine and the increasingly appealing rewards of other FF schemes...

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