Qatar's Qsuite business class: how to book double beds, quads

By David Flynn, June 14 2017
Qatar's Qsuite business class: how to book double beds, quads

EXCLUSIVE | With Qatar Airways' new Qsuite business class suites taking wing from June 24, how can travellers go about booking one of the 'business class double beds' or even a four-suite quad?

With the aid of the airline's internal Qsuite Seating Policy document obtained by Australian Business Traveller, here's what you need to know.

Where and when to fly the Qsuite

The Qsuite will debut on Qatar Airways' Boeing 777-300ER QR7/QR8 service between Doha and London Heathrow, with Paris and New York next on the list before the advanced A350-900s are upgraded.

This 'classic' Boeing 777-300ER layout – and that of the longer-range Boeing 777-200LR – will contain 42 Qsuites in business class.

These suites are arranged as follows:

To recap, the Boeing 777-300ER's business class cabin has the following layout

  • 20 forward-facing suites at 2BDGJ, 4BDGJ, 6BDGJ, 8DG, 9BJ,10DG and 11BJ
  • 22 rear-facing suites at 1AEFK, 3AEFK, 5AEFK, 7EF, 8AK, 9EF, 10AK and 11EF
  • six paired middle seats which convert into double beds at 1EF, 3EF, 5EF, 7EF, 9EF and 11EF
  • the first five sets of those (1EF+2DG, 3EF+4DG, 5EF+6DG, 7EF+8DG, 9EF+10DG) are bookable as 'quads'

The same basic pattern will apply to Qatar Airways' Airbus A350-900 and Airbus A350-1000 versions.

Who sits where

Solo travellers "should be allocated the seats surrounding the Quads", according to Qatar Airways' policy.

Those are all the window seats except for 1A and 2B.

Why the exception? "Seats 1A and 2B have been been marked as Last Offered," the document explains. "These seats will be excluded from the pre-seat selection process to support airport check-in staff to handle any last minute requests."

All middle seats – which convert into double suites with a shared bed, or 'quads' for groups of four - will be first offered to couples or groups of three or four.

"Couples travelling together should be allocated Rear Facing seats which convert into double bed," the airline specifies: those paired seats being 1EF, 3EF, 5EF, 7EF, 9EF and 11EF.

However, for customers travelling together who aren't together as such – think friends or colleagues – but want "to socialise and interact inflight, it will be better to assign them to central seats (with) both seats facing the same direction."

"Groups / families of 3-4 customers should be allocated the Quad seats" of 1EF+2DG, 3EF+4DG, 5EF+6DG, 7EF+8DG, and 9EF+10DG.

In the likely event that the number of solo travellers out-strips groups of four, "single passengers should be assigned forward facing free seats within the Quad first," the airline instructs.

"Once the Quads are split or broken for individual passengers, then fill up the broken Quad with other individual passengers. Then, move on to assign seats within a NEW Quad."

Qatar Airways makes the following two observations for its booking centres:

1. When a seat within the Quad must be allocated to a customer who is not a part of family or group, "all attempts should be made to allocate forward facing seats within the Quad to (the) customer travelling alone."

2. When assigning seats to VIPs, CIPs (Commercially Importantly Passengers and Platinum members of Qatar Airways' Privilege Club frequent flyer program, the airline specifies that "customers must be advised when they are allocated rear facing seats... especially when they are allocated seats on the front row as all front row seats are rear facing."

Oh, And if you're wondering about the bassinet seats, those are 11B and 11J.


David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.


03 May 2013

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Backward suites are always a deal breaker for me-esp when they are A K window ends. Ruled out BA in J many yrs ago(they also have terrible food/service) and now QR will join my 'no-go' list.



31 Mar 2014

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I am a Qatar fan when travelling between Aus and UK but a rear facing seat is a no go for me too. I also wonder whether the BJ seats, as they also have a window (of sorts), will become prime seats and therefore sellout fast. As I also generally travel with my partner whether, as a couple, we will be restricted or re-allocated on check-in to the rear facing double seats. Like you - might be time to find an alternative, QR 787-9 possibly?

05 Dec 2013

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Thanks for this article.  While I have no plans of flying QR (especially in light of recent geopolitical events), appreciate that you've broken down the complexity of seating arrangements for those who do fly them.

30 Aug 2013

Total posts 439

What privacy screens are there between the 'double bed' seats if you are seated next to a stranger?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Apr 2017

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Normal ones, they come out of the middle  I think. They are definitely there.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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Excellent and valuable reference article, David - especially for the guide points on how staff are expected to assign seats in a complex cabin arrangement.

Air New Zealand - Airpoints

31 Oct 2016

Total posts 72

Great detail, very good to know, thanks!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

30 May 2014

Total posts 49

Any ideas when they expect to have the 777 fleet all updated? I'd probably select a 777 over an A350 just to try the new seats although I wouldn't want to get stuck with the old 2-2-2 layout.

On the topic of the rear-facing seats, it's not a problem. I've sat backwards in BA Club World and while I thought it may have felt odd, it ended up being perfectly fine.

03 Oct 2011

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Called up and booked 3EF. We're very good friends who want to be very close when awake but not sleep in a double bed. Sounds like a pair of center rear-facing seats will be perfect, since others have said there is a standard divider that can be raised or lowered at will. So we can keep it lowered when we're awake, and raise it during sleep. 

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