Review: Qantas Apple Watch app

By Shaun Ewing, April 29 2015
Review: Qantas Apple Watch app

With a new Apple Watch strapped to his wrist and a Qantas flight booked for the weekend, AusBT contributor Shaun Ewing put the Qantas Apple Watch app through its paces.

The Qantas Apple Watch app works as a companion to the airline's iPhone app, with the notion of providing key flight information when you need it.

Like most Apple Watch apps, this information can be displayed as a single-screen view or 'glance', such as how long before your flight boards.

Opening the app reveals additional detail on the same 'topic':

This included flight duration, travel class and suggested which lounge I could use (based on my travel class and Qantas Frequent Flyer status).

When boarding started for my flight, this alert popped up on the Apple Watch. Obviously, the data feed for the gate number needs a little work...

The 'time to boarding' disappears once boarding has commenced – this might be more useful if the display changed to 'Now boarding' or similar.

After the flight arrived in Sydney, my Apple Watch displayed this 'welcome' glance from the Qantas app.

Disappointingly, this didn't show useful information such as the baggage carousel for the flight.

The Qantas Frequent Flyer status screen inside the app doesn't tell you anything useful either.

Some other Apple Watch apps are also in their infancy: for example, the Tripit app was quite glitchy and didn’t even show all of our travel plans, although the notifications work well.

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Wait... you can't use it as a boarding pass the way you can use the phone app? Or is that pass of the watch's Passbook app?

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Yes but the watch when on a wrist will not fit under the airport barcode scanners

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Is it the first article Shaun has done because it's usually Chris or David. Anyway welcome Shaun if you are indeed new.

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sounds useless!

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