Singapore Airlines' new business class menu for flights to China

By David Flynn, July 18 2018
Singapore Airlines' new business class menu for flights to China

Singapore Airlines is serving up a new business class menu on selected flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

It's based on the Chinese dining concept known as Shi Quan Wei Mei, which relies on traditional cooking methods and fresh seasonal produce to present what the airline promises will be "an authentic in-flight Chinese meal experience for business class customers."

Designed by Shanghai-born and Michelin-stared chef Zhu Jun, the three-course menus are built upon the first class Shi Quan Shi Mei fine dining menu launched in 2015 on selected flights between Singapore and China.

To create an authentic Chinese dining experience, customers who select a Shi Quan Wei Mei menu can expect a side dish, such as pumpkin with scallion oil or marinated cucumber.

For appetisers the choice is between two Chinese-style cold dishes, such as fried marinated seabass and spicy tofu beef salad.

Main courses such as pepper braised beef brisket with turnip and carrot, and braised pork belly in pickle sauce, will be served in separate serviceware from the rice and noodles.

To finish up there are Chinese desserts such as chilled oranges-scented malva nut soup and chilled double-boiled papaya and snow fungus soup.

Zhu Jun is a member of Singapore Airlines’ International Culinary Panel alongside other feted chefs including Australia's Matt Moran, Italy's Carlo Cracco, Japan's Yoshihiro Murata and US chefs Suzanne Goin and Alfred Portale.

On average, the International Culinary Panel chefs design around 50 new inflight meals for Singapore Airlines each year.


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