Triple-jump your way to Platinum status with a single trip

By David Flynn, October 19 2018
Triple-jump your way to Platinum status with a single trip

Your next trip to Europe could also be the ticket to top-tier Platinum frequent flyer status and the prized Emerald equivalent across all Oneworld airlines – status which we rate as the best that a frequent flyer can have.

The key to unlocking that shiny card and all the perks which come with it is the sizzling hot Triple Qpoints promotion from Oneworld member Qatar Airways.

Qpoints are Qatar's status credits – the currency with which you climb the ladder of Qatar Airways' Privilege Club frequent flyer program from the raw ranks of Burgundy to Silver, Gold and Platinum.

(As a quick reference, Qatar Privilege Club Silver, Gold and Platinum line up against their Qantas namesakes and thus the Oneworld tiers of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.)

But as the Triple Qpoints promo gives you three times the number of Qpoints for any business class ticket, there's no need to laboriously climb that ladder – you can vault straight up to Platinum with one trip.

For example, a business class return ticket from Sydney to London in the Business Value or Business Flexi categories would usually earn 246 Qpoints or 272 Qpoints – triple that and you're sitting pretty with 738 Qpoints or 816 Qpoints, which is well above the necessary 600 Qpoints needed to quality for Privilege Club Platinum status.

Even if your travel budget only stretches to the more affordable Business Promo or Business Saver fares you'll still pocket a total of 510 Qpoints, which puts a handy Privilege Club Gold card into your pocket or purse.

In fact, you'd be just 90 Qpoints shy of Privilege Club Platinum – and you can pick those up by crediting some flights with other Oneworld airlines such as Qantas and Cathay Pacific against your Privilege Club membership number.

The same Triple Qpoints deal will also see Kiwis flying high, with a Business Value or Business Flexi return fare between Auckland and London easily qualifying for Platinum, and Business Promo or Business Saver fares hitting a Gold-grade 540 Qpoints.

Add in the fact that you'll be flying one of the world's best business class experiences – including the Airbus A380 with its superb business class seats and elegant inflight lounge, and the Boeing 777-300ER on Sydney-Canberra with its superb Qsuite business class suites – and there's no downside to this deal.

Qatar Airways' Triple Qpoints offer ends on October 31, 2018, but covers travel booked through to April 30, 2019. That's six solid months in which you can plan your next round of business trips, conferences and even that well-earned holiday.

Of course, you'll need to sign up for a Privilege Club account (it's fast and free) and then register for the Triple Qpoints offer by logging into your Privilege Club membership account and selecting My Offers from the dashboard menu.


David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

24 Oct 2010

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13 Sep 2016

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Very good timing as I have a business trip to London next month but my domestic flights are with Virgin due to company policy, and most internationals are with SQ due to company activity in Singapore and Asia. We can recommend airline but have to stick to cheapest business class fare, even so this will get me very close to QR Platinum and OneWorld Emerald with 510 Qpoints. Anybody know how many Qpoints I could earn on a QF flight to get me across the line to 600 Qpoints?

Not a lot of Qpoints on a Qantas flight, John. Go to and select Partner Airline, choose Qantas and then enter the route. SYD-HKG or SYD-SIN in business class return earns 60 Qpoints so even then you would still be short. Maybe think about adding a side-trip from DOH onto your London business trip, on the way back when business is done, go from Doha to somewhere else in Europe.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

11 May 2017

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Thanks for the info David, it's a win-win flying in Qsuites and automatically reaching Gold/Platinum.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

16 Jan 2016

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How long would you hold Plat once acquired? And whats required to maintain Plat

Thanks David. Does this also apply to existing bookings with Qatar up to April 30, purchased before the promo? Or only new bookings?

You will find that these types of promotions only apply to new bookings made within the promotional period and once you have registered for the promotion, same as with Qantas 'double status credits'.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Sep 2017

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You would only do this for the Emerald status with One World.

Buyer beware, Qatar devalued their program on May 27th, done overnight without warning to us existing members.

Crediting points to Qatar is virtually worthless now since the great clandestine devaluation,

The value of Emerald is using AA lounges in the USA even when traveling Domestic Economy. Even Flagship ( no dining option though ). And First Class Lounges worldwide ( except QR ), irrespective of class of travel.

And you won't be allowed to use Qatar's Lounges at DOH. Oh no, don't even think about it. You'll get punted to the One World Lounge in DOH, even though you might hold Platinum status with QR.

So reiterating, if you do this for the One World Emerald status, go for it, but after the initial flight/s, you are better off crediting any other One World FF program. QR is worthless. I got caught out big time.

Oh one more thing, QR won't let you see what Award redemptions are available on other One World Carriers either. They make you fill out a request and 2 or 3 or 4 days later they will get back to you, usually with a negative response.

Q Credits are laughable. I have tried in my 4 years as a Platinum to use my Q Credits for upgrades. Not once have they come through. You have to risk buying an Economy ticket, then apply for the upgrade. I have attempted this 3 times over the years, and never have I got the Q Credit upgrade.

I'm still on the lookout for a new One World FF account, any suggestions as to what would be the best?

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

08 Jun 2014

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QF! I jumped from VA Plat and not looking back. Though I have to burn all my points. Now juggling the QF table for SC’s to earn and build up to Plat.

^^^ This, 100 percent. Use this promotion to get your QR Platinum and OneWorld Emerald, gives you great benefits on QF and CX. But after you have that QR and OW status you don't have to lock yourself down to Qatar Privilege or even Qatar Airways.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

03 Oct 2016

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Once earning the Platinum Status on Qatar is it possible to fly Qantas using OW Emerald Privileges of Qatar but credit any new earn to Qantas?

04 May 2018

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As usual the Qatar website doesn't work and so far sent a membership number l can't read and asked for an email code proof for the email address, maybe they expect me to guess the membership number!

04 May 2018

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Ok if QR website works ,best to use it on a PC because never works on a smartphone!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

16 Jun 2014

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We, I’ve joined the QR Priv. Club, but can’t find the offer:(

24 Oct 2010

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25 Oct 2018

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I'm also having difficulty finding this in my offers - filters show all offers are listed, and I can get 14000 points to fly to Gothenburg, but there is no option for triple (or 50%) bonus.

Has the promotion finished early?

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