• What are the hours? Emirates flights get access, but as the only Melbourne Emirates flight in December is 22:30 and I don’t think Qantas has anything running that late, the lounge will be closed?

  • JAL is the worst culprit of steaming hot planes. I bring shorts, fans, and anything I can when I fly them. It really is the only bad spot on a usually awesome travel experience.

  • The VOIP comments are misplaced. US airlines have had internet for years and VOIP is always blocked (as well as streaming services.) It's just fearmongering that VOIP calls will interrupt your flight.  Stop fearing the future. Internet everywhere is inevitable and it's nothing to fear. It p...

  • i agree the new QF J on A330 is better than the TG 744. I took it last fall via Sydney from MEL. If I were to head to BKK anytime soon from MEL, I'd go PE from MEL to HKG on QF then book a separate F on TG flight. It's cheaper and man, the TG ground service in F is amazing. It makes one of my ha...

  • Does this affect the airline lounges in the UAE? I'll need to make calls on Skype or Google Hangouts while there. This seems VERY inconvenient.

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  • I think there has to be at some point. However, I think the issue will be "when will see a Mainland carrier up to OQ standards"?  To me, that seems to be the biggest question. Mainland carriers aren't on par by any stretch.OW can't afford to rely on CX for the market. It's too big. Someone w...

  • Unless you get elected to an office, you're going to have to 10x that travel to realistically break into a tier like that, 

  • Airport at KLIA

    May 25, 2016, 01:58 PM

    I did this by staying at ALoft. Nice enough; great rooftop bar and easy to find. 

  • IMO, if you're traveling with a companion, the side seats on the A330 are fine for 8-9 hours if its' during the day. I'm 185cm and it was tolerable. For me, I save points for 12+ hour flights.

  • Personally, I think we'll see some new routes, but same destinations. MEL-DFW, MEL-SFO come to mind. I agree that ORD would be an odd choice; DFW is better for reaching a lot of destinations and ORD doesn't offer all that much different than current service (though I'd take the ORD flight, as I c...

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