• I’ve flown both so your comment is incorrect. Fill both up with max fuel and the lighter 8 will go further than the heavier 9. Now you can’t fit 335 pax plus full fuel in an 8 so you would have to reconfigure the interior to carry less people than the 9. That is pretty natural for a p...

  • A220s or 787s? I don’t think so. Their aim is to make money. They used to make money with an all 737 fleet. They should focus on that. All of the problems started when they lost site of their niche and started a pissing contest with other types and widebodies etc.

  • Correct on the crew rest.Incorrect on the range. It is lighter and carries the same amount of fuel which means it can go farther.

  • Hi Brandon,Good article. I am travelling in business on BA12 next month on a QFF classic reward. I believe I will be able to access both Qantas and BA lounges. Is this correct?

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  • We recently did BA12 from Singapore to London with our two year old toddler. We chose the first row middle seats on the upper deck. We weren't right next to each other but it meant we had direct aisle access and nobody had to climb over us in that weird setup they have. The rear facing passenger ...

  • I just did SIN BNE and asked for pyjamas and an amenity kit for my wife and I. We were given them but they weren't specifically loaded for that flight.

  • Yes we called AA and they say it is unavailable for business but available for economy. I am perplexed as the website shows available for business with the appropriate mileage cost.I am just looking at expertflyer now. Thanks for the tip.

  • The award availability is there, when you select a Qantas flight it then flashes up that this flight is no longer available. I can select British Airways flights through Aadvantage no problem at all. Anybody else having these problems?I have previously used Aadvantage to book a Qantas business ti...

  • I can't seem to book Qantas flights through aadvantage

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