• I could never understand the TG mentality in maintaining 744 service ex SYD. The aircraft are tired and seats uncomfortable. I stopped flying TG because of this.

  • Another element is that CX and VA have premium economyVA's A330 only offers Business and Economy on the HKG route. Extra seats are not Premium Economy.

  • "Then there was the whole tipping in the showers scam that happened in LAX."What happens in the shower stays in the shower :P

  • With respect, I assume it was a slip of the pen when the lounges were called Golden Wing. Sadly those AN Lounges disappeared from 2001/2002. MH Lounges are just plain Golden Lounges, and from my experience in the past are just that; plain.

  • Virgin: free food on domestic flights

    Apr 24, 2015, 03:17 PM

    To paraphrase my mother, "If you can't afford to serve a full sandwich, better to serve nothing at all". When you do luck upon a meal it is generally some dubious casserole served with Deb instant mashed potato. Luke Mangan needs to get his head around what the masses want to eat. Seasonal & ...

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  • Rental Car Toll Fees

    Dec 21, 2018, 02:02 PM

    I use a mobile phone app https://www.linkt.com.au/sydney/accounts-and-passes/linktgo. It works everywhere, not just Sydney. You just need to enter the car registration of your rental car. You will get an SMS telling you when you have incurred a toll. You select pay now and the toll is paid by you...

  • MCT is Minimum Connection Time and has no relation to actual check-in cut-off as it assumes the passenger will have already been checked in, either by automated through check or by the transfer desk. Each airline has a different time. 60 minutes should be taken as the minimum for international ch...

  • I find VA's upgrades are very hit and miss. I bid for an upgrade SYD/DPS using points. Never heard a thing. I enquired at check-in and also at the gate. The flight left with empty J seats. Not impressed as a Gold Member.

  • A decent train connection to both Tulla & Avalon would certainly help everyone. A train that rain from the Frankston line to Tullamarine would be the icing on the cake.

  • My experience of separate tickets and requesting baggage interlining goes back a couple of years but the blunt answer was "no". Staff are not trained to do this.  My flights were VA to VA.Considering that in the days of Ansett the staff bent over backwards to interline baggage and issue part...

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