Can anyone provide me with a genuine reason to fly Qantas International.

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I have always been treated exceptionally well as a Qantas Platinum and also as a Qantas Platinum One. I have absolutely had bad service on Qantas, as I have also had bad service on other airlines like Virgin, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. Unfortunately it happens but ultimately you have to fly with the airline that works best for you when you consider the schedule, price and product offering. You can pick the best rated airline in the world and still get bad service. Of course you can fly one airline on one route and another on the next sector but it will cost more. You need to pick the airlines that make you happy.


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I personally love after being abroad for sometime, rocking up at the airport and hopping aboard a red tail. The calming G'day of an Aussie pilot, a copy of The Australian and the Captain who on a recent flight from Hong Kong, would keep us in the loop on the Origin score. Pia Miller is always a nice touch too. 


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Tough to come up with a positive given I live in Perth!

Chose CX J to go to JFK because I can do it in one stop and avoid the holes that are SYD (love the lounge, hate the bus transfer) and LAX.  The fact that I could stretch my connection going there out to 12 hrs means a fun day in HKG to break the travel up.

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Because it's safety record is amazing & if a Qantas plane ever went missing the Australian Goverment would mess around like the Malaysians do etc.

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Mean't to say the Australian Goverment WOULDN'T mess around


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Chris /Per

 no I am a director of an Australian construction company who competes on the world market and are proud to surport Australian companies and jobs.Americans are very pro Americian products ,Australians should be the same to protect jobs for our children and grand kids .


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Has QF deteriorated in finesse and quality? Yes. Has the management screwups for the past 4 years been  absolutely infuriating as a loyal QFF? Yes. Would I make the switch to other airlines/VA like other disgruntled flyers? Nope - because based on even my recent trips to the US, NZ, JP - overall QF is still has a very strong product IMHO:

Their product (at least their US product in contrast to VA) is genuinely comfortable - Skybed Mk II remains to be my favourite J seat design.

Staff & FAs are as genuine too - if they do something wrong, they're more than willing to fix it, and there's the special unique touches like even a good chin wag when I can't get to sleep (others just send me off back to my seat with a drink!).

QFF is still a highly strong FF program, QF still operate the safest birds in the sky, and they're still Australian majority owned. I'd take a genuine product over frilly opulent luxury anyday.

But, hey, different strokes for different folks... if QF isn't your cup of tea, then don't fly with them - it's *your* travel expenditure, after all. But these passive-aggressive QF posts are kinda getting old.


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I'm an Aussie that has lived in europe for the past ten years.  I don't know, maybe i've become used to the meagre offerings of the euro/american carriers but I think QF is an excellent airline from a customer proposition perspective and it amazes me when I see them so highly criticised on travel forums.  

My priorities when I travel are:

- to feel safe and secure.

- A flat bed.

- Decent food/lounges.

- Good natural people.

For me Qantas excels in most of these areas but the one highlight is their crews.  I get sick and tired of flying the middle eastern carriers purely down to their robotic immigrant labour crews who have absolutely zero interaction, pre-programmed replies to most questions and inexperience.  Qantas on the other hand, I always find their crews friendly, natural, take an interest and willing to engage in a bit of banter.

I have to admit that a companies ethics play a part for me also.  I was shocked at a widely circulated news article about how poorly staff are treated at Qatar Airways (crew must ask for 'permission' from the CEO to get married'.  A more recent article of how Emirates withdrew an offer of employment to a british girls when it came to light she had suffered a short bout of depression years before.  And most of the asian airlines that force retirement for the (female) crew in the 40's because they are past their sell-by date.  All that just does not sit well with me.

But as many have aready said - each to their own and vote with your feet.


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Genuine reasons to fly Qantas to;

USA: The competition across the Pacific is shite

Asia: SQ and CX are much more expensive. EK and EY do not offer the scale and frequency. Take your pick between MH, TG and QF for so so servive at reasonable prices.

London: Can't think of one... Can you?


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Your right as i sit back in the.Its Friday afternoon in the LAX AA club and after 3 sectors on AA this week ...just can not waite to get back A Eagle flight back home to Tahoe.AA sucks as does United and Delta regarding non stops to Australia.So QF are safe transpacific.As for the two rt trips from Australia to LHR i have comming up i am looking at SQ for one trip and may be Korean or EY.Other than QF and BA i have not flown or any other carrier on this route for several years.....may be try CX.All i want 4 good sectors of in flight service,a good lounge offering and a flat bed preferably a suite.Who would you go with?


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It's probably racist, but its nice when the pilot comes on and says "hello folks, this is your Captain, John Smith, etc" in a bit of an educated English accent.


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It does,

 The Captain MAS incident as i understand it spoke ...english but withot your accent.I also understand he had more flight hours than most QF captains and Virgin pilots.Extreame shame on you.Your statements are not only inappropriate but miss guided.Is their even a captain john smith ...moron.


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Oh God, are you Alan Jones?

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