Recovering a Kindle left in a seat pocket

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Is anyone aware of the correct procedure to retrieve a Kindle (ereader/tablet device) I left in a seat pocket on Sunday (Jan 7)? About an hour after I deplaned I realised it had been left there and the lovely humans on 131313 didn't know what to do, they suggested calling Brisbane baggage but it QF880 from Melbourne to Coolangatta.

I know Platinum doesn't mean much outside of personal welcomes and lounge access but I didn't realise it would be so hard to get a Kindle back. I've left voicemails on all of the different baggage phone numbers and no-one on QF Twitter or call-centre really knows what to do?

Is there not a procedure for lost items?


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The proceedure is to deal with the baggage services of the arrival airport.

The problem appears to be that QF has not got any phone numbers listed for baggage services at the Gold Coast.

Perhaps contact the generic baggage services number and ask for the contact details of QF baggage contractor at the OOL

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Consider it gone, I tried with some noise cancelling headphones years ago with no joy. But when you think about it the amount of extra work it would cause for the airline to keep and track every item left in a cabin would be so much it could even push ticket prices up.


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Will be hard to retrieve. My partner lost/misplaced his suit + suit bag and has not had any luck with getting it back. This is flying F class with EK!! Good luck, hopefully you encounter a bit of good luck!


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Definitely call the Baggage Services of the arrival airport. Last year I left a bag containing a battery backup and cables etc in the seatback pocket of a Virgin flight into PER and even though I called back after a couple of days, they still had the item. #muchrelieved


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Usually standard practice to call the baggage services of the arrival airport. Sometimes, if they do short turnarounds at out ports such as a regional port, then call the port which it flew to next as that is where they will have done a check or clean of the seat pockets.


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I left my tablet on a flight recently (Singapore Airlines) and I was able to go to their ground handler's office and collect it.

The key is to contact the airport staff as soon as you notice the item is missing.


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I left my headphones in etihad from Milan-AUH, i realised this before my AUH-BNE flight, lounge staff were not very helpful. A simple tweet and it was placed on the next flight to BNE. Could’nt believe the efficiency. (I got a tweet back when my BNE flight completed boarding).


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To counter some of the negative comments, I left my laptop on QF SYD-LHR flight last year and the Qantas staff had found both the laptop and myself by the time I arrived in baggage claim, with me completely unaware I'd left it on the plane.


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i hope you get it back joshua - i have lost 3 so far in seatpockets (flying in eu between LHR and CPH before i emigrated) and not lost any since as am banned from taking in hand luggage anymore! i had one success story when lost in copenhagen (local baggage people) but be very very careful re LHR they have external contractors who collect all the stuff log it and then put it online (nothing to do with local baggage handlers/cleaning crews who i presume must hand in anything they find in seat pockets etc) - you have to go online to claim it back - it was highly interesting trying this process and gave up eventually trying - hence the kindle ban! have also had BA crew run after me with a kindle too as i was walking down to baggage claim - so basically i think its down to luck! fingers crossed


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I had a lucky experience in Phuket flying Silk Air. Expensive pair of sunglasses left in seat pocket. They rang and said they have my pair of sunglasses. Couldn’t believe it. But since this experience I have flow Singapore Airlines ever since. Customer Service can go a long way.


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It looks like your flight was on VH-VZS which went back to Melbourne and then on to Perth.  Perhaps you could try contacting the Melbourne lost property?

I lost some property on a flight from BNE to SYD.  I could see that the plane went back to BNE so I called both offices and it was located in BNE.


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I had an experience of leaving my iPad in a seat pocked on an American Airlines flight to Toronto. Fortunately I they managed to recover it, which is good when you consider its American Airlines. The number AA gave me worked but no-one picked up. I contacted them through Twitter and they sorted it out very quickly and got Toronto to call me a lot quicker. Try Qantas on social media, they're usually very quick to reply.


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I used to clean planes part time while I was at Uni and would often find phones, laptops etc in seat pockets. Would always hand them in to baggage services. The same can't be said of all of my colleagues though. One guy pocketed an iPhone and got a knock on the door at home as the owner had tracking on.

Having said that, hope you get your Kindle back.


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Thanks everyone! I've left a few voicemails, here's hoping something comes of it.

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