Qantas A330 Brisbane to Tokyo

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Does anyone know if the A330 used for Brisbane to Tokyo Narita is a newly configured business class? OR the old Mk1 Skybed? or might or it mightn't?


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Not sure if this would usually be the case or not, but for a booking I had for this route on 29 September (this year) it was scheduled to use the new business class.


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I took this flight last year and it was the new business class. Fairly sure this is still the case. Check using "expert flyer" and you will be able to see the cofiguration


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Qantas fly the A330-300 on this route, all of which have the business suite.


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According to "theqantassource" it has been exclusively a 333, ie new format, for some considerable time.



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I took it earlier this year and it was the new format.


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Definitely the new business class seat

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Came back from Narita to BNE last week - was the 300 series with the new business suites. Has been for our past 4 Japan flights. Fast crew maximised sleep time on the short overnight to BNE which was appreciated. Utterly dire food in the QF Narita lounge though. Such a contrast to SIN and HKG lounges. Oh, and business baggage off nearly last in arrival at BNE.


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BNE-NRT on the 22/3 and NTR-BNE on the 7/4 were both A330-300. Great flights with great crew. Used the QF Narita Lounge on the trip back and the selection of food is not large but it was fresh and tasty. I had chicken and corn soup, sushi, chicken dumplings, chicken curry with rice, potato salad and some ham and some muffins for dessert. A great selection of spirits including some nice sake all self serve but bottomless :) The lounge looks really nice and it was clean. Some of the chairs had seen better days on some surfaces but they were still clean. The lounge was about 1/4 full when I was there.


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should be with new config. old config is used only on A330-200 usually on Sydney - Beijing route

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