What is the world's second best business class?

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1st would most definitely be QSuites as you mentioned, but the 2nd is actually British Airways first class. It might not actually be business class, but the hard product certainly makes you think so, the soft product is excellant with freindly service and caviar. From there, I guess any plane with a 1-2-1 config and decent soft product would be good like QF, DL, United Polaris, CX, etc.

More of the usual BA bashing. This ridiculous line that gets trotted out repeatedly - that BA F is the world's best Business class - just shows that the people saying it have no experience of BA F. But they're very experienced in drinking the anti-BA Kool-aid!

It's an accurate statement though. I've flown BA F on the 77W and it was a reasonable Business Class hard product and in my experience, a Y soft product.


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I’ve heard great reviews on Gulf Air’s new Business Class (which is also used by JAL, KAL and Oman). I’ve seen pictures and the finishes look stunning and the service from the reviews are supposed to be very good so I’d imagine they are up there.


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Hard to beat J class on VA 777/330 - on all metrics IMO


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Delta1 or JetBlue Transcon, very good J seats and beat their local competition.
Personally find the two centre J seats on BA much better that F! You get two screens, two tables, spare seat for magasines,etc. and more room to talk to someone who may visit you, food is only marginally better in F!


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I would have to say that I am very impressed with the new Qantas Business Class seat on their Airbus A330 and Boeing Dreamliner. I have just taken two flights with this product and am impressed - much better than the product on the A380 or Jumbo in my opinion (despite the wonderful legroom the shell design provides). I also like the Qantas service - personally, I am not one for over-attentive cabin crew that ask every 30 minutes if I am OK - if I need something I will get up out of my seat and ask or will use the call button. Mind you, I see a plane as a method of transport to get from A to B - it is not meant to be a hotel room, so I do not necessarily look for cabin suites, on-board showers etc (but fair call to those who seek such amenities) so my comments reflect that view.

Anyway, I will get back in my box.



After so many years of flying in many airlines in every continent, in premium cabins only and always F every time when it was available, I have never experienced “over-attentive cabin crew that ask every 30 minutes if I am OK”.

May I ask which airlines you meant to mention please?

I agree that QF services is not bad, but can be very bad as well if you get the crew servicing in your section who has a huge attitude towards his or her customers. Sometimes you just have to do your best to ignore it. To be fair QF has its bad reputation among travelers in Y class, but that can happen to any airlines tho.


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I'm yet to experience Qatar or the latest revision of Singapore business class - but have flown international business class on quite a few airlines now, and would rank the new Qantas business class (as found on the Dreamliner) to be the most comfortable seats I've ever experienced (did the MEL<>LAX route). They have just the right amount of width/depth and the right softness/firmness. As someone with back problems I have found many of the other new suites to be too narrow down where your feet are (and very difficult to roll over while you're lying down) - such as Etihad A380 suites suffered this problem (and seats were really hard).

However note, also found the Qantas service to be very inconsistent - some staff OK but many were very stroppy/unfriendly - definitely not at the standard it should be. Additionally, the food on Qantas was awful - definitely the absolute worst business class meals I've had on any airline (possibly even worse then some economy class options offered by others) - can't imagine how Neil Perry can offer up his name to this. Similar comments on the lounges - I've never been a fan of the Qantas Australian ones (although the shared lounge in LAX isn't too bad)

So anyhow, probably depends whether it's the whole experience or just the seat comfort you are mainly interested in.

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