Emirates goes double-daily A380 with second superjumbo for Perth

By David Flynn, August 1 2016
Emirates goes double-daily A380 with second superjumbo for Perth

Emirates has added a second Airbus A380 onto the Perth-Dubai route from today, August 1, with the superjumbo replacing the Boeing 777-300ER on the daily EK424/425 flight.

The move comes a little over a year since the Qantas partner began flying its first A380 into Perth in May 2015, with the double daily A380 route now boosting capacity by almost 100,000 seats per year.

It'll give WA travellers another chance to experience Emirates' A380 first class suites and inflight shower.

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Australia is the third largest A380 destination for the Gulf powerhouse, with Perth's double daily schedule seeing seven of the airline's 11 daily flights from Dubai to Australia featuring the superjumbo.

"We’ve come a long way since our first flight to Australia almost 20 years ago and now when you look to the skies and see an Emirates aircraft, chances are it’ll be an A380," suggests Barry Brown, Emirates’ Divisional Vice President for Australasia.

Emirates' UAE neighbour and competitor Etihad has also ramped up A380 flights to Australia with daily services from Sydney and Melbourne to Abu Dhabi, while Qatar Airways will swing its own superjumbo onto the Sydney-Doha trek in September 2016.

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 Feb 2015

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Hopefully they upgrade the Brisbane-Singapore-Dubai flight to A380 asap!!

13 Nov 2015

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What class did you travel in. What were their shortcomings?  Sometimes I hate reading travel blogs where I get suspicious when the writers only gloat about Emirates, Etihad, Qatar - only to find out the said writers were traveling on the airline's dollar. Pay to print stuff, essentially.

Why the heck isn't Qantas flying some of their hardware on this route? Just did PER/DXB/MUC/DXB/PER and found Emirates appalling.  Qantas inflight service is so much better and with loads more personality.  

We currently have three Emirates flights per day and a big fat zero Qantas on the same route...

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

26 May 2014

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EK reduced their schedule to 2 per day around the time of the first A380 service.  Still,  2 A380s to Qantas with nil is a lost opportunity.  Of course QF gets some revenue out of code shares, but suspect that this is mainly corporate accounts.  Many ex-QF customers will now go straight to EK where it is a personal choice.

07 Oct 2012

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They have zero spare hardware atm and it's probably easier/more profitable to use that hardware on other routes. Maybe when the 787's come... maybe.

Having said that, you now don't like Emirates. So even if QF did fly PER-DXB, you'd likely need to transfer to an Emirates service onto Europe...except for London and maybe one day, a second European port.

Qantas has a much smaller fleet. They don't have the planes to spare. Yes, an A330-200 could do trips to DXB and from there, to Europe, but with all the Kangaroo Route competition (Qatar, Etihad, Singapore) it makes more sense for QF to let Emirates handle it, codeshare on Emirates metal, and deploy the planes to Asia or America.

That said, I do think when QF replace the A330s, they'll pick 787-10s, and I'd suspect that they'd start to run a PER - DXB - Somewhere In Europe (maybe Rome or a "less premium" destination) service with that jet, and Emirates could drop one of their 777 frequencies on the route (because with double daily A380s I think its fair to say the route is well-served).


10 Dec 2015

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<<Why the heck isn't Qantas flying some of their hardware on this route?>>

Well, why should they?  Anyway, let's compare the vastly diff op circumstances of QF vs EK on this route:

EK= A mega intercon hub /fleet base @ 1 end of the rotue offers huge op scale advantage.  Fm its vast daily fleet rotation schedule @ DXB, easy to find a spare/idling airframe to deploy on a DXB-PER rotation.  Most importantly, we're talking about a carrier which takes delivery of 77W x1 + 380 x1.25 every mth thru 2015.

QF= DXB isn't a fleet base for QF as every QF bird only pass-thru here onto only LHR, not elsewhere nor turn-around.  At the other end, QF+JQ fleet hv a grand total of 2 short routes(i.e. far shorter than DXB-PER) that go outside of Australia....PER is @ best only a domestic focus city(i.e. turnaround point to/fm other cities) for QF Group.  Theoretically, some QF domestic 330s(Only the post-cabin upgrade ones) can be deployed on PER-DXB instead of turnaround domestically.  However, these are based in SYD, MEL, etc. and would meant reducing  valuable premium capacity out of the QF domestic transcon system(More profitable/higher yield than typical QF int'l longhaul ops according to QF Group annual financial update).....each QF roundtrip flight PER-DXB requires 1 airframe @ least   24hrs(Nearly equivalent to PER-SYD x3 roundtrips).  Most importantly, we're talking about a carrier that is scheduled to receive no more than 789 x2 every YEAR fm now and nothing else until @ least 2019.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Mar 2015

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It is quite remarkable just how large Emirates has become in Australia, especially when you consider Emirates serves more Australian cities internationally than Qantas (with their own metal, not codeshare). Also, a bit off topic, but I really love that photo!

American Airlines - AAdvantage

13 Jul 2015

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The fact they are reasonably priced as well doesn't hurt. 

14 Jan 2016

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This is awesome news for us in the west. No need to filter out the 773 flights when searching for through the EK or QF websites anymore.  Sweet, well done. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

08 Jun 2014

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That's my photo of the A380! =D

24 Oct 2010

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Really? It was supplied to us with the press release by Emirates PR - well done, Matt!


12 Apr 2013

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Meantime Qantas does not fly Perth international. And then tell me that this marriage with Emirates does anything useful for Qantas. Well if Qantas see own future as Emirates ticket agent in Australia then they steering in right direction

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

19 Feb 2014

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Well, they fly to Singapore daily on a lousy 737 and weekly A330 to Auckland seasonally, if I was to be pedantic :)


12 Apr 2013

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Yea, they also offering QF tickets on JQ metal if this counts.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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Let me say that I generally like Qantas service.

However, let me also say that it really IS a bit of a disgrace when Australia's "international" airline provides effectively NO international service to:

PER, ADL, DRW, HBT and CBR. The first four are all state capitals and embarrassingly, the last is our National capital. So, in reality, anything west of MEL is devoid of international service on Qantas. Yet carriers such as EK, CX and others can provide multiple services to some / each of these cities. Is something not right here?

Could you iamgine a US carrier not flying to Washington DC or a Brasilian carrier not flying to Brasilia? Hell, even poor old New Zealand is able to support international flights out of their capital Wellington.


12 Apr 2013

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Fully agree with your sentiments. After privatization of Qantas and deregulation of our skies we will never see Qantas as one of the best and most glorious airline that was one upon time. Sad story really.

I flown Emirates and I like Qantas better. And if it happens that I like Emirates better why on the Earth I would buy Qantas tickets on Emirates metal? I rather buy directly. Whole agreement with Emirates looking very wrong to me.


12 Apr 2013

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"once upon time"

David, can we have edit facility?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 Jul 2015

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Qantas aka Air Sydney! I can but imagine the frustration for those not served by Air Sydney, sorry Qantas. I enjoy flying with them and would choose them over all others but sometimes the love is hard to give in trems of flight scheduling and so on. Hopefully once some new metal is on the ground then we will see QF return to former routes and glories. Frankfurt or Paris anyone?


12 Apr 2013

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Former glory of Qantas will never came back in our deregulated zoo.

"And then tell me that this marriage with Emirates does anything useful for Qantas."

Emirates has far lower costs and a larger fleet than Qantas. Australia-to-Europe is an extremely contested market with both Gulf and Asian carriers to compete with. The Emirates alliance DOES do something useful for QF - it takes care of the Kangaroo Route/European destinations on QF's behalf, allowing QF to use its limited fleet resources on the most profitable destinations in QF's network... Asia and North America.

Qantas has made a great turnaround in profitability recently. The Emirates alliance is one of the things that contributed to it.

Yes, I'd like to see QF grow and I'd like to see more QF metal in the skies. But currently QF's fleet just can't hack it... they don't have the advantages of Emirates low cost base, "advantageous" relationships with certain aspects of Dubai's government, huge amount of connecting traffic, or massive supply of relatively efficient long-haul airplanes. They've got A330s which don't have the range for anything beyond Asia (or DXB if the A330 departs from PER), and otherwise they have old and inefficient 747s or newer but inefficient-unless-filled A380s.

Until QF gets those Dreamliners we won't be seeing any Kangaroo Route growth... and even then, the first batch of Dreamliners will be used to replace 747s (and the 747s will probably then be used to plug network gaps created by taking some A380s out of service in order for an A380 product refresh.. and only then will the 747s be fully retired) rather than grow the fleet. Fleet growth will probably only happen when the second batch of 787-9s are ordered, when the A330s get replaced with 787-10s, and finally when QF decide upon an A380 replacement (probably the 777-8 and 777-9). 


12 Apr 2013

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Lets say simple – I disagree with you. I use to fly to Europe via Asia and will continue do so. Qantas is crossed off in my list of carriers to Europe. IMHO whole “partnership” looks like master-slave one and I think you guess right who here master and who slave. And it does not excite at all.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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1. "Qantas has made a great turnaround in profitability recently. The Emirates alliance is one of the things that contributed to it."

The turnaround in profit is not disputed, although I seriously wonder how much of this is attributable more to the fortuitous drop in fuel prices and the fall in value of the Australian dollar.

On your alleged comment that the Emirates alliance is one of the things that contributed - well, that's something I would query. Do you have evidence of such? Given that QF management has been entirely loathe to indicate any level of contribution to profit (in finite financial reports) by the alliance .. and that it is recognised that there is still an amount of backlash by pax not wanting to be pushed through DXB, I would consider that your assertion may be an opinion - as opposed to fact.

2. [QF] "They've got A330s which don't have the range for anything beyond Asia (or DXB if the A330 departs from PER), and otherwise they have old and inefficient 747s or newer but inefficient-unless-filled A380s"

 a) the A330's are perfectly efficient for QF in terms of regional roles and suited to the QF Asian network. The also have the flexibility to be used on loner domestic routes as well.

 b) those B747-438ER's and -438's are not 'old and inefficient.' Add to that, they are generally owned and paid for - and the decrease in fuel prices over the last 12 months make them even more efficient than they were compared to op costs 4 years ago.

 c) look at competitor BA and the 39 B747-400's they have. No race to get rid of them and in fact they are all currently being refitted right now.

 d) those inefficient-unless-filled-A380's are exactly the same aircraft that are being used by EK on exactly the same routes from SYD/MEL to DXB/LHR.

3. I personally was/am not in favour of the QF/EK alliance, yet I understand why it was done. IMHO, it allowed QF to exit routes in Europe which were either borderline profitable or just borderline (think FRA, in particular). It allows QF to 'outsource' its European network to EK, while attracting some low-level commission fromEK in the form of revenue sharing.

That said, however, it has the affect of styming QF growth in Europe (outside LHR) by being totally absent from the game. With no real representattion in Europe, how does QF grow, when it doesn't have a face in the market. Think destinations like CDG where changes in the EU air policy which might now be able to be used to force the French Govt to modify their attitude to granting rights to QF. You can have all the B787-9's or -10's under the sun, but you need exposure / rights to win entry into these markets.

4. It strikes me that EK gets far more out of this alliance than QF - and Serg's comment about a slave-master relationship looks quite appropriate to me.

5. Of course, now that QF no longer serves the SIN-LHR route (and indeed, under the alliance agreement, is not permitted to) it is a natural point that QF is being challenged by a weakened SQ who is fighting its own battles with the ME3. Do you think B787's will save SQ also?

6. I look to the NEXT negotiations when QF has to seek approval to renew the EK alliance post 2019. It woud be an interesting scenario to see what would happen if this was denied. Perhaps that might force QF to re-evaluate? Imagine the possibilities. QF might then choose to partner with say, QR. Or it might decide to go it alone and offer an AUS-ME-EU service and also return to offering a parallel AUS-SIN-LHR set of services.

7. Irrespective of all this, QF's costs have now reduced to a more manageable and competitive level. With great management (as opposed to 'good') there is no reason why QF can't return to a successful growth pattern.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Aug 2014

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We have to wait for the 789s to come then maybe QF will do something.


13 Jun 2015

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Wowee! Another good news for Perth with another A380! That's huge!  


08 Jan 2016

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Gossip out of CHC is that EK are bringing A380 . Evidently overnighting. So which service will it be an extension of or replacement of.Current 777 departs PM CHC - SYD- BKK- DBX


29 Jul 2016

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What ties in with this is that EK is likely to drop the BKK-SYD vv sectors and operate DXB-SYD-CHC  vv with an A380.   QF will take on the BKK-SYD vv traffic as it connects with EK's existing DXB-BKK services (6 flights daily, of which 4 are 380.)  Connections are not optimal though.

10 Aug 2015

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On tonights TV news they said WA is in a recession and if interest rates were determined at a state level, WA would be at zero or minus percent.

So what is fueling the growth in long haul air travel capacity in and out of Perth? Or perhaps the plane will fly a bit empty? Grey nomads or ???

Yes it would be nice to see QF fly to more destinations, at a greater frequency.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

19 Feb 2014

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Despite the options from the east coast, I understand that Perth attracts a fair few domestic-connecting passengers too.

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