Inside Cathay Pacific's The Pier First Class Lounge Day Suites

By David Flynn, July 1 2015
Inside Cathay Pacific's The Pier First Class Lounge Day Suites

There's plenty to like about Cathay Pacific's new The Pier First Class Lounge at Hong Kong airport, but the Day Suites are a stunning standout in what is easily one of the world's best first class lounges.

This cluster of eight private nooks, hidden away from the rest of the luxe lounge, are ideal for taking a break from your hectic travel schedule in your own private space.

Read, rest, reflect, meditate or snooze – it's your choice.

"After you go through security and immigration, and then you're about to get on another flight and be off again, we felt the lounge could provide an opportunity where you could slow down" reflects Ilse Crawford, who designed The Pier First Class Lounge for Cathay Pacific.

The Day Suites are cousins to the Cabanas in The Wing First Class Lounge – a set of five unique rooms with their own large bath, shower and shirt pressing service for weary travellers in transit.

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The Day Suites are geared to a different type of relaxation.

Long-time CX flyers may recall the old daybeds in the previous The Pier First Class lounge – three fully-enclosed rooms smack in the middle of the lounge without any view or daylight, and fitted out with just an oversized big armchair with a footstool.

Welcome to the new daybed, which is not only infinitely more luxurious but also more 'natural' and more relaxing.

There are eight Day Suites secreted away in The Retreat zone of The Pier First Class Lounge (which is also where you'll find 14 showers suites and a foot massage service).

Each Day Suite overlooks adjacent airport gates and the runway, and on a clear day you can see the hills beyond.

Draw the heavy drapes at the entry to your Day Suite and you're pretty much in your own little world.

Each suite sports a well-padded 'day bed' and cushion, while the suite itself is wrapped in a high-end walnut timber finish.

Directly overhead is a personal reading lamp...

... with a warm mood light at the far end of the bed.

Beneath this is a ledge where you can park your carry-on bag.

Both lights can be dimmed from a handily-located control panel, which also includes an AC power socket and two USB ports so that your travel tech can recharge at the same time as you do.

The switch in the middle of that panel controls a window blind for added privacy or simply to darken the Day Suite so you can nod off more easily.

Other sensible touches added with the traveller in mind include coat hooks and a mirror.

With any luck, the only sounds you'll hear in your Day Suite is the gentle music being piped through.

There are no boarding announcements of any sort, so it's up to you to set your own alarm!

Although Cathay Pacific's standing policy is to limit each passenger's Day Suite stay to ninety minutes, CX lounge exec Toby Smith tells us that  "obviously we're flexible if the lounge isn't full and people want to stay a little longer."

However, the Day Suites can't be booked in advance – so if you're keen to enjoy a little slice of serenity during your next stopover at The Pier First Class Lounge, ask at the reception desk of The Retreat zone.

There might be a small wait, but you can always sign up for a foot massage to get you in the mood...

Photos, video: Cathay Pacific opens new The Pier First Class lounge

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30 Apr 2015

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I was just there day before yesterday and is easily the best lounge that I have ever visited. Truly amazing and some fine dining and menu as well. It is near Gate 63 so a bit of a walk to Gate 20 to 30 from there.

01 Jul 2015

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Nice but had to scour the article to find out where it is located. Finally found Hong Kong in the bread crumbs at top.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

01 Mar 2013

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Access: I'm a Plat One and will be travelling with two Plat's through HKG with CX, not QF. Are we able to access the new Pier Lounge?

24 Oct 2010

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10 Sep 2012

Total posts 149

Very nice, CX.  Now can we please have a first-class-only lounge at HKG which is outside the OW lounge network, and available only to passengers flying F on CX?  That would be most appreciated.


21 Jun 2016

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The lounge is amazing.  The lounge restaurant, the shower and the hospitality were top class.  The sleeping booth though was freezingly cold. No blankets were provided. I couldn't get comfortable and gave up the idea of napping there.

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