Which Bangkok lounge should Qantas passengers use?

Here’s a hint: don’t go to the lounge that’s probably printed on your boarding pass!

By David Flynn, July 26 2022
Which Bangkok lounge should Qantas passengers use?

Qantas is once again flying between Sydney and Bangkok, but the lounge options at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport have changed since those blissful pre-pandemic days.

The Flying Kangaroo once had its own Qantas Business Lounge and Qantas First Lounge at Bangkok, when the airport served as a stopover for the flagship QF1 Sydney-London Boeing 747.

Although that Bangkok route ended 2012 the lounge soldiered on until late 2015, at which point Qantas pulled down the shutters and began directing lounge-worthy flyers to the Louis’ Tavern CIP Lounge.

Now rebranded as the Miracle Lounge, and situated on Concourse G’s third level and near gate 2, it’s still the airline’s official go-to before QF24 wings its way back to Sydney – the good news is that for most travellers, there’s a much better option.

That’s the Emirates lounge, which is open to many Qantas flyers under the Qantas/Emirates partnership.

Emirates' Bangkok Lounge.
Emirates' Bangkok Lounge.

Located on Concourse G, towards the D gates wing, it’s your typical Emirates ‘out-station’ lounge (meaning it’s not at the airline’s home hub, which in this case is Dubai).

Emirates' Bangkok Lounge.
Emirates' Bangkok Lounge.

Visitors can expect a spacious lounge with a relaxed ‘international’ design, a much better selection of food and wine (including Champagne) than the Miracle Lounge, plus several well-maintained shower suites if you’d like to freshen up after a day in the Bangkok heat and humidity.

Emirates' Bangkok Lounge.
Emirates' Bangkok Lounge.

And it won’t be over-crowded: Emirates’ evening flight from Bangkok to Dubai leaves at 9.25pm, whereas Qantas’ QF24 is wheels-up shortly after 6pm.

Of course, Qantas’ top-tier frequent flyers and business class travellers also have access to three Oneworld airline lounges at Bangkok, at least in theory.

Cathay Pacific's Bangkok Lounge.
Cathay Pacific's Bangkok Lounge.

Sadly, Cathay Pacific’s boutique-like Bangkok lounge – with its elegant Ilse Crawford design and signature Noodle Bar – remains closed, like most other Cathay Pacific lounges around then world; likewise, Qatar Airways has yet to reopen its Bangkok Premium Lounge.

Japan Airlines’ Sakura Lounge is open, but only from 6pm – about the same time as QF24 is pushing back from the gate – in line with JAL’s curtailed flight schedule while Japan remains largely closed to overseas visitors. 

Qantas Bangkok lounge access

Here’s your quick reference to Qantas lounge access at Bangkok’s accurate at the time of writing:

  • Qantas Club members: Miracle Lounge
  • Qantas Gold frequent flyers: Miracle Lounge and Emirates Lounge
  • Qantas Platinum and Platinum One frequent flyers: Miracle Lounge and Emirates Lounge
  • Qantas business class passengers: Miracle Lounge and Emirates Lounge

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06 Jun 2017

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Still a while away but once Oman Air joins OW you'll be able to use their lounge too. It's pretty good. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

30 Mar 2018

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Travelled back over the weekend, most Qf passengers are directed to the miracle in proximity to G gates but my suggestion would be to use the Miracle located a short walk away near D pier as its much bigger and features generous shower suites also a wide selection of both buffet style and menu food.

I don't know if it"s still the case, but pre Covid you had to be travelling on a Qantas issued '081' ticket number for access to the Emirates lounge.

So some code shares and award tickets wouldn't be eligible, though you could still pay in.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

21 Jul 2019

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Just out of historical curiosity, can anyone tell me why QANTAS dropped BKK for SIN as its 'Kangaroo Route' stopover in 2012?

Etihad - Etihad Guest

28 Feb 2019

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In 2012 they started the 5 year partnership with Emerates and QF1/2 and QF9/10 routed SYD/MEL to Dubai to London Heathrow.

At that point Bangkok was run as a return from SYD only, I presume on an A330.

BA ran LHR to Bangkok so you could still ticket this way.

Then about 2018 they reverted the above flights to go via SIN and turned SIN back into a mini offshore hub.

07 Oct 2012

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Timings may be wrong, but my recollection is that QF used to fly to London via Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong. They ended up giving the Bangkok - London and Hong Kong - London sectors over to BA, leased off two Heathrow slots and simplified London flying out of Singapore.

Sometime after, Qantas ditched BA and moved London flights to Dubai as part of Emirates deal... before eventually moving back to Singapore.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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Actually, while both answer responses identify QF changes correctly - the demise of Bangkok dates back quite a bit earlier to the mid 2000's. 

This was circa 2006 when QF operated 4 daily B747 flights to London (2 ex Sydney and 2 ex Melbourne). 

This came about through the termination of the original daily QF5 [SYD-BKK/SIN-FRA and vv] and the earlier termination of the Paris (CDG) service that was originally run 4 days a week and the termination of the Bangkok-Rome [BKK-FCO vv] which ran 3 days a week. 

As mentioned, QF5 to and QF6 from Frankfurt initially ran a split-city Asian schedule 4 days via BKK and 3 via SIN. The reason for this was that QF - at the time - was the second largest carrier of German tourists (behind Lufthansa) on the FRA-BKK-FRA sectors .. and a great many of these people continued on to SYD (and later Melbourne). BKK was - and still is - an immensely popular stop-over destination for middle European travellers.

Given that Paris and Rome were terminated around 2003/4 IIRC, and FRA was the last European city terminated in 2005, an analysis and re-evaluation of the role of BKK (vs SIN) revealed that there was far greater efficiency in re-routing the QF SYD and MEL services to London via SIN. Hence, the reason that QF then became the second largest carrier in SIN, behind Singapore Airlines. It is also pertinent to recall that QF had the 'golden triangle' SIN-HKG-BKK vv route authority.

As we know, SYD-BKK-SYD was retained as a terminator QF service. MEL-BKK-MEL was then subsequently terminated as a QF service and was replaced by JQ services to Thailand.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

21 Jul 2019

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Thanks for the comprehensive answer, @Kimshep. I was highly skeptical of the claim that Emirates was the key to BKK's demise as that arrangement only kicked in the following year. Clearly there was much more to it than that.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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I should have added that the SYD-HKG-SYD was much later - certainly well after 2010 - 2012 from memory. 

I recall thinking at the time that it could have been a very smart / lucrative idea to place A380's on the SYD-HKG-LHR and vv route, while QF was building up their A380 fleet. Due to the relative rarity, popularity and novelty of the frame, this would have avoided competing with SQ on SYD-SIN-LHR (both had A380's) and moving some A380's to SYD-HKG-LHR, which had an enormously competitive  market but NO A380 frames operating on the HKG-LHR-HKG sectors. 

At the time the primary competitors on (nonstop) HKG-LHR-HKG were Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Qantas and Air New Zealand. British Airways became the only A380 operator from this group (apart from QF) in 2018 ! 

QF could have trounced the market easily. Such a move may have also had an interesting effect on Malaysian Air (MH) in 2016 which could have altered the SQ [SIN-LHR] and MH [KUL-LHR] routes. MH at the time was a moderately successful aggregator price-wise on the SYD-KUL route and could have caused SQ some competitive pricing grief.


03 May 2013

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Once the Qatar lounge reopens it will be the best available for ow and QF pax.

11 May 2016

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I believe if you hold a QF biz tkt then you will be able to access all OW lounges incl. Cathay, JAL, and Qatar. QF biz pax could access EK lounge because of the joint venture between QF and EK. 

In HKG pre-COVID I had access to all OW lounges when holding a valid OW biz BP whichever airline issued. 

That's 100% correct, but surprisingly a lot of people don't know this, even regular business class travellers! Hong Kong was fantastic if you had time before your flight to sample some of the great Cathay Pacific lounges and the Qantas lounge too. Singapore is another example, top two there are the Qantas First and Qatar lounges. Of course right now at Bangkok  the CX and QR lounges are still closed, hope that changes soon.

03 Jun 2019

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I really miss the Qantas Hong Kong Lounge for the warm hospitality from the staff and decent drink and food options. Cathay and Qantas Lounge are just different.

12 Aug 2020

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Thank you for the article. Just in time for my upcoming trip.

Just wondering if I fly business class with Qantas Gold status from BKK airport, would I be able any guest with me to this lounge? If so, does the guest need to be on the same flight with me?

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