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  • This was the case in Brisbane on a recent Saturday afternoon, and the business lounge was an absolute zoo. We arrived around 5 pm and struggled to find two seats together anywhere.

  • Qantas 747 Business Class

    Nov 06, 2019, 08:59 PM

    We are in 16J and 16K for Syd-Vyr on a 747 late December. There is no row 17 upstairs or downstairs on the 747. Suggest calling qantas back, because what you have been told is not possible.

  • Linking cash and points booking

    Jul 15, 2019, 11:24 PM

    If all flights are QF metal and QF flight number, then it is possible to obtain all boarding passes and check the bags right through from the first airport, even if they are on different PNR's. We have done this often now without problem.

  • If you go to the American Airlines website, you can do a "miles only" dummy booking for your preferred flight/s ( no need to log in and this site gives a good indication of what is available). This will show you what points flights are available ( all available one world rewards flights will com...

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