breakfast near the peninsula Hong Kong?

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breakfast near the peninsula Hong Kong?

Staying at the peninsula next month with the family, Breakfast will be $170 for all of us despite the kids being under 6, does anyone have a suggestion for somewhere close to grab a coffee and a croissant?


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There's a starbucks at Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre near the Star Ferry Terminal. You can get the basics there.


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I reckon you should try yum cha at The Peninusla for breakfast. You would be paying like 700 - 800 AUD per night anyway.

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Not sure what the prices are like these days, but bang next door to the Peninsula is the YMCA, which is perceicved as one of the best worldwide. Surprisingly upmarket and almost certainly at a fraction of the price. if you want something a little more substantial and interesting than Starbucks/McDonalds.


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A word to the wise... As an Australian (spoilt with brekky/coffee etc) I have found it extremely difficult to get a proper breakfast anywhere around that area. Might be worth hopping on the train to Central in the mornings for brekky. 


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Yeah its HK, walk in any direction and you'll find food of any price and quality and cuisine. I think the closest starbucks is across the road next to the space museum (the big dome). There's a place in in Ocean Centre called Cova that I love that would have a great croissant and coffee. Otherwise go to One Peking Road to find a yum cha place for breakfast.


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There was a Starbucks down Salisbury Road towards the Ferry terminal on the same side of the road as the Peninsula if a Crossaint and coffee is all you're really after.  In the basement of the Star House building.

Having stayed at the Salisbury a few times (family suite at a great price) and had a fussy junior along we'd grab some cereal and keep it in the room.  I'm guessing that wouldn't be kosher at The P!! :-)


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We stayed at the Peninsula, probably one of the best 5* breakfasts we've ever had. Serioulsy good quality spread, great service too. (Sensational freshly made waffles with Nutella too!!!!)


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*stayed at the Peninsula in February, that should read - too busy thinking about waffles!


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thanks guys, we will certainly eat there one morning but perhaps not every day! I like the idea of the cereal, if i can persuade the wife and kids! and have contacted the YMCA for their menu.

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As a HK local, I'd recommend the following places:

1. Tsui Wah Restaurant

- Tsui Wah is a "sightly more upscale" HK style cafe chain that is basically open all day
- A wide variety of items (e.g. scrambled egg, sandwiches, noodles, egg tarts, pineapple buns)
- Relatively reliable standards and comfortable seating, which I suppose matters since you are travelling with young children

2. Australia Dairy Company

- If you're willing to head over to Jordan (1 stop away on the MTR from ), try giving this place a go
- Famous for their double-boiled milk/egg pudding desserts, and scrambled egg and toast
- However, the seating is quite cramped
- Their waiters work extremely fast and might get impatient if you take too long to read the menu, especially during peak hour.  The food always arrives in less than a minute, and they instantaneously know how much you're supposed to pay simply by looking at your plates!

As a general note, restaurants in Jordan are cheaper than those in TST as it's more of a 'local' area.


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You could look for a local cha chaan teng for some proper Hong Kong-style breakfast. There's bound to be one somewhere on Nathan Rd.


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obainpointer, what about seeing if nearby hotels have cheaper breakfast options? I haven't stayed at the Sheraton before, but it is across the road from the Pen. (I used to visit a tailor in the lower levels of the Sheraton but found a better one in Central)


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obanpointer - agree with Richard, the best place is almost next door to the Peninsula, towards the ferry terminal, but is the YWCA, not the YMCA.  They have a casual cafe on the ground floor near reception where you can pick up a large club sanger and a brew of tea for HK$20 or so.  If you're ever there at Christmas time, they also have an oustanding gingerbread house which almost takes up the entire reception area - kids love it. They also have a magnificent seafood buffet, from memory every Wednesday on one of their upper floors, also open to the public but is a must book event and relatively inexpensive for what you get.


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If you head towards the Star Ferry Terminal you will find a Macdonalds and a 711. The 711 will have all the basics which you can pick up the night before and keep in your bar fridge like some milk, croissants, yoghurt, muffins etc

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