Movies onboard Qantas, Syd to LAX.

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Movies onboard Qantas, Syd to LAX.

Morning all. Can anyone who has recently flown internationally please tell me if Qantas is showing the new 007 movie Spectre?

I fly out on Thursday (but not on the A380 thanks to yet another plane change grrrr) and was hoping to catch it.


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no it's not.

FYI - you can look this up on the Qantas Website - Fly/Onboard/Entertainment/international.


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Haha, that would be quite a treat since It literally just came out in CINEMAS this past Thursday!! It never hurts to have such wishful thinking. If you'd like to know exactly whats playing on your flight, go to this website:

The website is quite accurate and you can see if any other movies catch your attention. As stated in the fine print, given that the listing is displaying the typical assortment for the A380 flights SYD-LAX, I'd be prepared to settle for half of whats on offer for the outdated 747s.

There are currently several leaked copies (poor quality) of Spectre in cyberspace but thats totally up to you if you want to dive into such rogue torrent territory. I'd personally try to see the action film in the cinema or on a HDTV. 


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Im not sure of an occassion where current release movies (ie at the cinema) are being shown on a plane.


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Yes, I don't think you could even rip those off the interweb (without Korean subtitles!) let alone having it available on the plane.

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especially 'blockbuster/money spinners'...airlines are restricted in what they can involves contracts's not a simple matter of 'if it's in the cinema...then airlines are allowed to show it too'


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Sometimes I find a movie on a flight that has yet to receive a release date here in Australia. Less likely with blockbuster movies though.


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I hear it's a bit of a dud anyways. Check out The Martian instead.



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Never understood why people fond about movie on the board. I could not understand it in the past and nowadays when you can load whatever you like in your iPad it completely beyond my comprehension. Whatever  - my favorite channel “Are We Here Yet” anyway.


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Sure, and I could also pack a lunch instead of eating the airline food.

But to watch something on my iPad, I have to (a) buy an iPad, (b) decide what I want to watch, and then (c) pay to download the movies I want to watch, (d) stick them on my iPad, and (e) worry about keeping my iPad charged during the flight (which may or may not be a problem depending on airline). 

Even if you've already got (a) sorted, (b-d) are still a hassle and/or an expense. I'd much rather watch the IFE, which on any modern airline will certainly be enought to keep me entertained for the duration.



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For me the best entertainment on the board is some booze and sleep on flat bad. No movie (even favorite own one) will cure absent of first and especially second.

On serious note I found all those program to be very restricted (sometime I can find just one movie that I interested to watch, usually none) and I could not watch them in airplane environment anyway. Booze + sleep is still better.

YMMV of course.


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If i want to watch a movie on my tablet, i have to have my tray table down, which for me is a pain. Especially if someone next to me wants to get up to go to the toilet.

it also takes up too much space if i want to eat something while watching(or possibly spill wine on hte tablet)

I will always take my tablet onboard with something to watch as an absolute backup. But really, as long as something remotely interesting is on the IFE system, I won't bring it out


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Do any airlines have any form of parental lock on the onboard entertainment? I was travelling with my 6 year old to hng konh on CX in J and found her locked away in her own little capsule merrily enjoying the new mad max movie!


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Of course. Ask the cabin crew.

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