LAN Boeing 787 to fly Sydney-Auckland-Santiago from April 18

By David Flynn, April 13 2015
LAN Boeing 787 to fly Sydney-Auckland-Santiago from April 18

South America's LAN Airlines will begin flying the Boeing 787 between Sydney and Santiago this week, with a stopover in Auckland also providing a quick trans-Tasman dash on the advanced Dreamliner.

LAN, which as a member of the Oneworld airline alliance is also a Qantas partner, will upgrade to the Boeing 787-8 from the current fuel-thirsty Airbus A340-300 from April 18.

The 11 hour leg between Auckland and the Chilean capital will showcase the Boeing 787's jetlag-busting traits such as lower cabin altitude and higher humidity.

However, the Dreamliner's debut will also boost the airline's appeal to trans-Tasman business travellers on the Sydney-Auckland route.

For starters, unlike the domestic grade business class seats of the Boeing 737s run by Qantas and Virgin Australia, LAN's Boeing 787 sports an international-grade Premium Business cabin.

This includes 30 wide seats which convert to lie-flat beds, plus a decent amount of personal space. 

Each seat gets it own 15.4 inch video screen, with AC and USB ports to keep your travel tech charged up en route.

Perhaps even more compelling is the price.

A business class return ticket on the Sydney-Auckland leg of LAN's daily Boeing 787 service sells for $780.

That's almost as much as you'd pay for the cheapest one-way business seat on Qantas' Sydney-Auckland flights, which begin around $659-$701 at Business Sale rates and $850-$882 for Business Saver fares.

The main downside is that LAN's one-flight-per-day schedule requires an early start.

The 9.30am departure from Sydney (for a 2.45pm arrival into Auckland) is quite bearable, especially if you hold Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum status and can begin your journey at the Qantas First Lounge. But the 6.15am wheels-up from Auckland might be a bit harder to take.

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The larger Boeing 787-9 will take over the route "in late Q3 or early Q4" says Johanna Raeder, LATAM's Asia-Pacific Marketing and Communications Manager, but will have the same-size business class cabin as the 787-8, with 30 seats at the pointy end.

LAN will be the eighth airline to fly the Boeing 787 in Australian skies, following Air New Zealand, Air India, Jetstar, Royal Brunei, Scoot, Thai and United.

Etihad will join the Aussie Dreamliner set in June 2015 with its Boeing 787-9 beginning a daily direct Brisbane-Abu Dhabi service.

As for Qantas, which holds 50 options and purchase rights on the Boeing 787-9, speculation continues that we could see the first red-tailed Dreamliners from 2017.

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David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

10 Nov 2014

Total posts 8

I thought flights across the Southern Ocean required aircraft with 4 engines?

When did that change?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 Nov 2014

Total posts 8

787 was granted 330min ETOPS certification earlier this year. Makes all the difference.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

05 Nov 2013

Total posts 15

The 787 has 330 minute ETOPS clearance which makes this route possible. It would not be possible on other twinjets I believe (except the A350).

Qantas - QFF Platinum

20 Mar 2012

Total posts 212

While it is true that the 787 has ETOPS 330, both Chilean and NZ transport safety regulators need to approve the actual flights. The airline cannot simply fly the route based on the FAA's approval alone.

One imagines that this has happened in order for LAN to launch the 787 on this sector.

I would presume CASA has no say in the matter as the 787 is only doing AKL/SYD & SYD/AKL sectors

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

25 Sep 2013

Total posts 1248

So who's planning to be on the last A340 flights? :D

20 Apr 2014

Total posts 93

Ding! Qantas are you listening?

Why are you deferring new technology 787s for QF International whilst putting them on low profit leisure route Jetstar flights instead of profit-maximising long haul routes!!

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Aug 2011

Total posts 783

QF are most likely maximising their profits by using Jetconnect. CAPEX/training etc. on shifting to 787 would negate profit for quite some time. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Aug 2014

Total posts 51

So does that mean LAN with phase out the a340 after this?


American Airlines - AAdvantage

30 Sep 2014

Total posts 5

Probably. LAN only has 3 A340s in their fleet, running the Australian flights (CC-CQA, -CQB, -CQC).

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

12 Nov 2014

Total posts 1

CQA, CQC, & CQF. There was a CQG but it is currently LN-RKP. No CQB to my knowledge. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Aug 2014

Total posts 504

Emirates just got a new challenger.


14 Jun 2013

Total posts 353

Those are fantastic rates for 'real' business class between Sydney and Auckland, only drawback is the early departure time from Auckland but if you stay at an airport hotel for that last night it's okay.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Aug 2012

Total posts 2209

LAN's pretty good if you're AKL-based, as it lets you get into SYD early enough to start with the business day. Conversely, EK is better if you're SYD-based, as it doesn't leave until the end of the business day in AKL.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

04 Feb 2013

Total posts 45

David, I might be wrong here, but I believe the first photo in this article of the business cabin interior is actually of LAN's upcoming A350 business interior, not the 787-8 or 787-9; the screens give it away (I prefer the A350 look).

Also, the next two interior photos are of the 787, but not of the 787-8 which will be starting flights in April, but of the 787-9 which commences flying this route later in 2015.

Emirates Airlines - Skywards

07 Sep 2012

Total posts 149

That is an unbelievable rate for quality business class. Signifcantly better than EKs best discount rates, let alone their standard J fare. Wonder if we can coax LAN into putting on an SCL-MEL flight via AKL.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

12 Jan 2014

Total posts 15

Booked on LA800 on Anzac Day.  Looking forward to being able to report on difference between QF, JQ, EK and NZ J class

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