Qantas to end Cathay Pacific, Air France codeshare flights

By David Flynn, September 7 2012
Qantas to end Cathay Pacific, Air France codeshare flights

Qantas will terminate all codeshare flights with Cathay Pacific and Air France next year when its new alliance with Emirates launches in April 2013.

The announcements come on the back of yesterday’s decision for Qantas to pull out of its long-standing joint venture with British Airways.

Speaking with Australian Business Traveller this morning, a Qantas spokesman confirmed to that all CX and AF codeshares would cease once the new Emirates alliance came into effect.

Qantas currently operates a codeshare arrangement with Cathay Pacific flights from Hong Kong to Rome, as well as Air France from both Hong Kong and Singapore to Paris.

Under the current arrangement passengers can for example travel on Qantas flights from Australia to Singapore or Hong Kong, and then continue onto Paris with Air France on the same ticket.

Rome and Paris are also served by Emirates flights out of Dubai, which under the Qantas-Emirates alliance will become the Red Roos' new European mega-hub.

However, the spokesman confirmed that Qantas will still retain its codeshare arrangement with Finnair through which it offers connections from Singapore and Bangkok to Helsinki, as Helsinki is not a dot on the Emirates' network map.

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01 Feb 2012

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So.. does this mean that if I am travelling to London for work, and I can only travel Qantas, then it will no longer be possible for me to buy a ticket that transits in HK? This makes the oneworld alliance seem like a very loose alliance indeed... 

My guess would be that more than half of business customers going to Europe go to London. Under the BA arrangement, I would be able to go via Bangkok, HK, or Singapore and still get full status credits and points. Now the only option is Dubai (which I think is less desirable a place to visit more than once than any of the 3 existing cities)...

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Aug 2011

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It is situations such as yours that will cause a lot of people in a lot of companies to become somewhat agitated - and perhaps consider new alliances and carriers. Interesting times ahead for QF competition.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Jun 2012

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No QANTAS have stated you will be able to transit through Asia if you please 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

20 Nov 2011

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You will still be able to route through any of those cities, and earn SC and FF points if it is a oneworld airline you have your connection on.  You will miss out on the status credit FF point offer if you are high status FF.  However, this is not a feature of oneworld, QF, AA and (formerly) BA offered this as something extra.  So the OW alliance will still give you a fair bit.

01 Feb 2012

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Will I be able to book these tickets on the Qantas website?

10 Apr 2012

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This was one of the most sensible options to places not served by Qantas in their own right and they threw it all away for some silly Emirates deal that for most of us is a no go zone into and out of Europe for Religious and other reasons.I have yet to do another Europe Trip but If I had to choose another non Singapore stopover It would be Hong Kong for the fact it's pretty easy to get about and safe too(Not as simple as my other option though but a lot nicer than Dubai).I can see Cathay Pacific and all of the other Asian Oppositions rubbing their hands with happiness winning over new customers.

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