Recommended airlines flying to the UK for first/business class

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Good afternoon to all. Just have a question for all you seasoned travelers out there. I have to shoot over to the UK in the next couple of months and would like to travel up the pointy end of the plane. Who would you recommend I fly with and why? Many thanks



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depends where you are flying from in Oz and how much time you like wasting at airports - if (like me) you are in Adelaide then Emirates is the way to go as 'direct' via dubai as one stop and great business service (IMHO) although Cathay and Malaysian of course are there too - if you have the luxury of wasting time with internal flights and transfers, or live in Sydney or Melbourne, then Qantas IMHO is the way to go (more room on board than emirates) - although there is oodles more choice of course from the main airports.


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There are a few more inputs needed to answer that question, for one if you are a Frequent Flyer scheme member you most like want status credits from your flying (unless this is a reward redemption).

But ignoring everything but product/service, I'd say:

First The best product running on the LHR route is Etihad's A380, though Emirates' (which can be booked under QF code) A380 is close. QF A380 & SQ A380 also in running. 

Business Same as above really, but you could also look at Qatar if you can get an all aisle access J config setup from SYD to LHR at the time you are travelling (but I don't think you'll be able to).


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Oh yes, for J add CX in too (if they had F from SYD, I would have included them for First too).


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sorry about that gippsflyer I should have been more specific. I will be departing sydney. Not too fussed which direction I go. I just wanted advise from you guys on your best airline experiences eg  limo transfers, first lounges, seats, food and drink etc. Hope this info helps


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I favour CX given you are departing Sydney. Excellent business seats - fully flat, all aisle access, no need for first. Excellent service. Four flights a days means a choice of time of day and not stuck in the event an aircraft is inoperable. Lounges are as good as it gets. Multiple connection options in HKG gives the option to have a few hours in the city via airport express to break the journey without stopping overnight, made even more attractive by the use of the arrivals lounge to freshen up before heading in to the city.

As mentioned in posts above above though, it really is down to what floats your boat. Some like to minimise the journey, some like to smell the roses. I find the smell the roses approach makes business travel enjoyable, not a chore.


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Singapore Airlines shxts on the others - in both classes.  Seats the widest in the skies and sublime service.  You wont want to get off.    Also if you are travelling in First - The Private Room at Changi is amazing.  Enjoy the lobster :)


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I would disagree whipper (and TheRealBabushka) having travelled in SQ's A380 Suite and Business Class (including on the all J service SQ that ran from the U.S.). I agree it is much hyped but I didn't like the seat much (it's not very adjustable compared to other First seats), the enclosed Suite actually isn't enclosed like EK and others are (I really didn't like those cheap mesh blinds), SQ's Private Room is outclassed by QF and EK flagship lounges, the service is forced - they don't seem to pick up when you want to be left alone (because their service manual mandates regular checks/walk through), the Business seat is very wide but that makes it awkward at times and that flip down bed is terrible unless you can get a bulkhead seat.

However I do rate their food and beverage (Krug!), but I consider them trading on old glories.


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Singapore Airlines. Period.


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Considering your location is NSW, I am assuming you will be taking off from Sydney to London. As you are a QFF member I would say go with Qantas, you will get more points than flying on CX, JAL and other OW partners.

If you want a break from QF, go with CX, they have a great lounge in HK and in SYD of course you have the Qantas First Lounge.

If you don't want OW then go with SQ, they got a great first class product and got the A380s running.

If you want to go through the US, I would say:

Air NZ - Sydney to Auckland to Los Angeles to London - Get Air NZ to AKL and then hop onto NZ1 to London via Los Angeles. You have the Star Alliance lounge at LAX which NZ operates.

Qantas & British Airways Via Los Ageles

This one you can experience both BA and QF First Class, Sydney to Los Angeles on Qantas A380 and then switch to BA A380 all the way to London.

There's also the DFW option of you hate LAX.


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I have just bought a great J ticket on UL (from PER), very reasonably priced. And includes a free hotel in Colombo on the outbound, and car transfers to/from LHR. I am looking forward to the trip, was much cheaper than QF/EK/CX. I personally wasnt overly impressed with EK (7 abreast in the 777), QR was better, but found CX the best crew wise, and hong kong is much more civilised than the middle east, just a bit out the way from PER.



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Qantas, BA and SQ all good. I personally do not favor Emirates and Etihad, but YMMV. IMHO SQ the best, flying via Singapore and has plenty of connections. For First however you have to have deep pocket.


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Personally I still like the QF offering into LHR. Particularly as you get access to a chauffeur drive service, and good lounge options in SYD, DXB and LHR. The other advantage is that you can mix and match flights with the EK offerings which are also very good.

My second preference is CX, especially as I love HK as a city, as well as HK airport. 

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