Best airline in business class in the world...?

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Best airline in business class in the world...?

If we lived in a utopia where all airlines offer status and frequent flyer points to your chosen account and where all flew at a convenient time with excellent connections and a Rolls to and from the airport, who would you fly with based on their hard and soft product and why?


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Well thats a VERY hard question to answer. It depends what your own personal preferences are. Some airlines that I believe should be on the list are (in no particular order):

- Singapore Airlines (A380, 777-300ER)
- Cathay Pacific (777-300ER)
- Air New Zealand (777's and 787) this could also include Virgin Atlantic, but their soft-product isn't as good.
- Qantas (new A330 retrofit)
- Qatar (A380 and 787)

Some close contenders who missed my list are:

- Emirates (777's are not up to standard and A380's are very narrow but soft product is excellent)
- Etihad (I have yet to be 100% convinced at their new business class)
- Virgin Australia (new seats have not been rolled out yet ... watch this space)

This decision is made easier by FF programe, Alliance and home port etc which helps narrow airlines down.


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Go to skytrax website and see who was voted the best first,business and economy class airlines


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Hmmm.... The only problem with that is that the winners are usually the airlines that paid the most in "consultancy fees" to Skytrax.  A number of airlines have decided to stop paying the "consultancy fees" over the years and their rankings dropped as a result.


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Though, for what it's worth, Qatar won last year. I hear they're good. Never flown 'em. (In fact, since I haven't flown every business class in the world, I don't feel qualified to judge which is best. )

Anyway, then it's CX, SQ, Oman, and then Turkish. Turkish is a bit odd. I've flown them, the A333 I was on was reasonably comfortable but lacked direct aisle access, but they've still got some angled lie-flat on other aircraft.

The food though! Oh my, that Turkish food! My only complaint is that I fell asleep before dessert.


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I don't really like service that is "over pollished" with CX and SQ that can be the case

I am a big fan of Fiji Airways (A330's) and Air New Zealands (B773's)

The Fiji Airways business class has got good food but also service which is neither intrusive but still friendly like when you have finished your drink they'll simply ask (by giving a simple nod sort of thing) and then you have another one. In my opinion its the little things like that where the large carriers like EK and QF fall down due to the vast number of J Class Seats

Like on Air New Zealand Business Class you may have to wait to get your tray collected (I know I did)


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Sibgapore Airlines on the 777 is my favourite. Friends tell me the stats don't support my contention, but I feel like I get better and more personal service on the 777 that the A380.


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Koru17's first two sentences sum it up pretty well I think - this is something you have to just test and discover for yourself, because it depends so much on you. Take a good look at pictures of hard and soft product on various airlines, read a lot of trip reports (but don't get too swayed by the opinions of others), work out a short list to investigate and go out and try to put them through their paces.

I've yet to find the "perfect" airline/business class, but Etihad's A380 definitely has some very attractive Business Studios and First Apartments that I'm going to road test soon.

Andrew Barkery

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Between Air NZ J and EK J, I prefer Air NZ's J.  Various flights across the pond.

EK J was great, but I kept being pestered if I wanted wine with my later afternoon lunch!

And I don't drink wine!

Have to say, SQ J is the best.  Have flown with them ADL - SIN and back a few years back.


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EY new busniess is brilliant but I love CX and what they bring in the 2016 will shake things up but my best is finnair the service is great and quite comfortable but the cubby for feat isn't the best but it just has my sweet spot.

Not a massive fan of EK very narrow on the a380 and on all the others its angled and that cheap faux cladding is disgusting but yeah there's my opinion 


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For me, it's Cathay.

The reason?  Because I know on a long haul flight that no matter what route, no matter what aircraft type, I will have a fully flat bed with direct aisle access.

Some other airlines have great new J class products but it's hit and miss as to whether you will end up on an aircraft with their great new product or their crap old one.  This happened recently to me with Qatar - was looking forward to a flight on a brand new A350 and it was switched to a crappy A330 with angled beds.

I also like the Cathay inflight service and their HKG lounges are great.


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Whilst Cathay does have direct access from every seat in business, they too also have different products including old and crappy. Ask the kiwis how they like the A340's?

And don't mention economy and consistancy, though know that wasn't the question.


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I should recommend Garuda Indonesia here as well. Their business class is of a high standard in my opinion. Better than QF, TG, and MH based on my personal experience. Although Jakarta airport, their hub, needs major improvements, but their new lounge in CGK is good.


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They are building a new terminal in Jakarta, which will be the home of Garuda, think meant to open late next year.

But yeah not a bad business class on their A330's and 777's. Though be careful with the A330's as they have very early build -300's (often seen in Australia) and the seat is awful, but the newer ones pretty good and service is good and personal too. Compared to say SQ which very mechanical, which is good when things are going ok, but when they get a curve ball goes to custard.


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Yup, I'm aware of the expansion of terminal 3 at CGK. I think they still need a considerable amount of time before it is fully operational. They also plan to make the terminal as the hub for Sky Team in the region.

Back to GA, I agree. Their service is indeed personalised. Their food is wondeful too.

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