When will Air NZ announce 777-200's replacement & what?

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When will Air NZ announce 777-200's replacement & what?


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When they are ready to do so


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so end of the year then Dave?


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What kind of answer are you really expecting here klane? You're asking random people to speculate about something an airline hasn't announced, so all you'll get are best-guesses by people who probably don't work in the industry, let alone for Air NZ.

Different if you were asking about something that was already made public.


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Hi dean, general observations from people across the industry - what they feel wil likley be a best fit replacement is what interests me. Many questions here are to stimulate debate about what is or may happen Dean


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C'mon Dave, the question was put there to create a range of dialogue regarding the issue.

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Have a great weekend all. :)


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..and I take it Dean's message will be moderated also?

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Dean's comment relates to the question posted and the prospects of getting a genuine answer to that question, so no, it will remain.

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I'd imagine the 777s won't be retired for a while yet. The 200s will probably be the first to go but even then it should be quite a few years considering they just spent upwards of $100 million NZ to refurbish them.

Maybe in the future they'll look to 777Xs but I could even just see them adding more dreamliners to replace the 200s.

Ultimately, it's all a guessing game until an annoucement is made but again i can't see that being any time soon, they're only at their mid-life age.


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They still have 767s, so hopefully after them!


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767's will be gone by April.

As has been mentioned above, I think the 772's have still got a few years in them, so maybe FY18 or FY19 we'll see some announcements.


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Agree, they did a refurb last year on the 777-200s so a while yet! 


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ANZ have IIRC stated their fleet rationalization plan is to have only A320/787/777 aircraft. Plus the 777s still have some time left in them, so they can wait a few years for replacement.

These factors would lead me to suspect they'll go for 777Xs... Boeing said they may develop a shorter range version of the 777-8 (a 777-8 "lite") which would be a more appropriate replacement for the 777-200ERs (although it would be a slight upgauge), and the 777-8 full version could get NZ to both JFK and DXB/AUH directly from AKL. I don't know if NZ would look into 777-9s however if the 777-8 and 777-8L do enough for them capacity-wise. 

But who knows. They could go for the A350-900/900ULR/-1000 combo which would be pretty close to a drop-in replacement. 


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The replacement announcement for NZ's B772 is expect early late 2017/early 2018, as the first B772 will be 13 years old.

The last B789 (number 12) will be delivered early 2018. Airbus is in serious decisions with NZ, about using the A350-9ULR as a replacement for both the B772 and B773.

Knowing NZ business model, they may want to have to one aircraft type for international medium to long haul flights. NZ still has options on B789, so they may wait to see if Boeing brings out a B789 or B787-10 ER/LR, which properly Boeing will do, as they don't have an equivalent for the A350-1000 in the B787 product range.

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