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I am a Qantas FF Platinum member and I have been trying to resolve an issue with some missing bonus status credits from a double status credits promotion Qantas ran earlier this year. The flights were booked during the promo period however I partially paid for the booking using a gift voucher. I am being told the booking date is the date that the gift voucher was purchased (which was months before the promo period) and not the date the flights were actually booked. Therefore I am being told I am not eligible for the bonus status credits which seems very unfair and legally suspect (eg if I bought a gift voucher at Myer and 12 months later I used it to buy a toaster which broke down the following month, Myer wouldn’t be able to deny warranty by claiming that the purchase date of the toaster was 13 months earlier).

I find whenever I contact Qantas regarding issues like this I get terrible service and push back (even when Qantas are clearly in the wrong). If a Platinum member has this difficulty resolving a basic issue then I wonder how difficult it would be for a bronze member? Has anyone else had this sort of experience? Or am I just unlucky? I absolutely dread contacting Qantas about any issue.

It looks like Qantas recently updated their website where you can send a query directly to the Frequent Flyer team through a web form. I tried this and actually got a reply within a couple of hours. But it feels like the agents must be rated on how quick they close a service request and not on whether they actually resolve the query. I have followed this issue up on three further occasions and receive a quick reply but the agent doesn’t appear to be genuine about resolving the issue.


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With an issue like this some have reported success ringing QANTAS back and speaking to a different person.

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It took over a month & 8 attempts for me to get my points from a promo earlier in the year. No one seemed interested in assisting & was very frustrating. They asked for the same things over & over, seemed to ignore the evidence I provided. Much room for improvement.


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Hear Hear! Completely agree. Customer service is currently terrible in the contact centres, service counters or in the lounges. I dread trying to make any changes or making any contact because of pushback and arrogance.

No idea what’s going on there at the moment but it’s such a stark difference from even 12 months ago.

A single issue from time to time I can understand but it just seems every interaction is long and drawn out and treated as if it’s all my fault for trying to contact them. I expect better and my recent surveys have been saying similar things - I hope it improves soon as its really frustrating!


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From my experience.. this is a task for http://www.airlinecustomeradvocate.com.au

Lodge a complaint and provide all of your correspondence from Qantas Airways... Sadly, this seems to be the only way to reason with Qantas and partially their Qantas Frequent Flyer service centre.. all the best..

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The Government have an Aviation Complaints service found easily by doing a search.

As I've never used it I can't tell you if it is worthwhile (at one time I was going to but the
matter was resolved with the airline). You can always give it a try and let us know.


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Had similar issue with Hilton Honor points. Stayed for 2 nights, checked out then due to work had to stay another night on new booking. I was only credited with 1 stay rather than 2 even though I didn't have access to the hotel between bookings. Contacted Hilton customer service and was told tough luck. Stayed with them 29 times this year. 30 would have got me Diamond status. Spent in excess of $ 18,000 in 2017. Will be changing to SPG next year and staying at the Sheraton instead. Their simplistic attitude of not crediting something that would have cost them nothing loses them a loyal customer. Same as your experience Alex, costs QF nothing to give you the status credit but loses a massive amount of customer service credit. Must be getting to be grumpy old man in my 40's but Customers need to be looked after otherwise they have no business to provide their "service" too.


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Post it on Facebook on their page. Then they’ll pay attention.


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if you're getting bupkis from QF FF and are located in NSW, another possible course of action / recourse may be to lodge a case with NSW Department of Fair Trading.

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Agree totally

2 issues last 14 month and forward a letter to manager to get another member ring me with the response they were under staffed and not able to proces or answer calls quickly
Obviously nothing has changed !


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Post it on Facebook on their page. Then they’ll pay attention.

Agreed, sadly most companies nowadays pay more attention to social media as they can be exposed through this avenue as opposed to an email which no one sees. Ive done this 3 times this year with 3 different companies and recieved responses within hours. This was after various emails and phonecalls. Instagram can be good but facebook is the best way to get their attention.


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Disappointing service. Such a short sighted view by Qantas. This behavior is typical of what the modern day world is like. Companies feel customers owe them more than they owe customers.


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For me the problem isn't that I don't get what I want, because usually do - It's that it's belatedly and begrudgingly given, most of the time with a bit of attitude. There is no need for it and if I'm getting treated like this as Gold (or even Platinum as the OP says) then this would be even worse for anyone below me. I've got a mate who's Bronze and always has problems doing anything with QF - and my boss who's Platinum had an issue and was treated badly just last week, he was really annoyed!

I don't think anyone at QF is listening to these issues and the customer service continues to decline. They either don't care or they're blind to it. Just look through the history of posts in AUSBT and I think you'll find there's a lot more customer service complaints raised here than a few years ago.


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I hope QFF read this stuff. My ongoing gripe is getting Online Mall points. Even after submitting all the transaction records (which they capture anyway) they have to "investigate" for weeks. Often treating you like a criminal attempting defraud them. Dreadful - if you have Online Mall as a big attraction, QFF please make sure it works, don't make excuses and train the staff on correct process...


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No one seems to ever recommend contacting Qantas Customer Care. You can even call them in an attempt to resolve matters. Definitely worth a call - https://www.qantas.com/travel/airlines/complaint-for-specific-needs/global/en

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