Emirates launches new Australian first class, business class menu

By David Flynn, October 24 2017
Emirates launches new Australian first class, business class menu

South Australian angus beef accompanied by a glass (or two) of a Penfolds red, and followed by a cheese board featuring soft and creamy delights from Victoria's Yarra Valley: that's just one of the options now being served on Emirates first class and business class flights out of Australia.

The Gulf airline and Qantas partner says it's been working on the new menu since late 2016, methodically testing over 300 regionally-influenced recipes from chefs from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide – the five Australian cities it flies to.

Emirates worked with Alpha Catering in Australia to develop the menu, which of course had to take recipes designed for the average kitchen and make them work in an aircraft's galley at 30,000 feet.

“We're incredibly proud of the fact that we source the majority of our produce and ingredients from Australian suppliers who we've built strong relationships with over the years," says Joost Heymeijer, Emirates' senior vice president for inflight catering, adding that the airline also sources "exclusive wines" from Yarra Valley wineries at Mount Mary and Levantine Hill.

"This means purchasing exceptional wines years before they’re ready to be released to the market, allowing the wines to mature and reach their potential for serving onboard."

Emirates serves up more than 100 million meals each year – a mountain of food which in 2016 included three million eggs, 165 tonnes of salmon fillet, 70 tonnes of strawberries and 110,000kg of hummus.


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03 May 2013

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Well look at that Neil Perry and Qantas, a salad that's real with ,God forbid, tomato in it! Your current salads in Domestic J are the same as International First. "Garden Salad" is a furphy. It's ripped up pieces of lettuce!

Singapore Airlines - The PPS Club

19 Mar 2016

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I hope that this makes the SQ and other airlines sit up and pay some attention to the front end meals that they serve which are pretty woeful. In particular i just can’t understand how SQ can stuff up a salad so consistently and for so many years.

On my last flight out of Melbourne in August it’s always a great start when they serve the meal with an apology saying it’s pretty obvious that it again is not how it should be.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

31 Jan 2016

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Not every meal EK serves up looks as good as those in the pics. I have been on the wrong end of some very average fish (Barra?) and vegetables with a grey 'goopish' sauce from EK.

I get excited every time I fly that the food will be as good as the pics from all airlines, but, I'm generally let down, big time. Here's hoping...


19 Sep 2013

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Hope it's better than two recent J flights, from Milan to Perth via Dubai. On the Milan leg, one of the mains was essentially the same for two meals, only the sauce differed. Still prefer Qatar food.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 Jan 2017

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Dear Qantas, can you please observe as to what an actual decent cheese platter looks like. Muchas gracias!

05 Jul 2014

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I did my first EK A380 First class MEL-CDG via DXB last July and I wrote a complaint to their customer service about the food. Despite the top wine and spirit list (hard to find better in first on other airlines), the food was really average and the main dish was like a basic airline economy food on a nice china bone! It was really really not at the level of its competitors.
Now I understand I may have not been the only one giving negative feedback if they decided to completely rethink their menus. Good news then!
Please share if you have experienced these brand new ones.

27 Jan 2016

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Do they customise these servings, like I may want my salmon without coriander pesto. Can they change it?

25 Oct 2017

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Having travelled many times in both business and cattle class with Emirates the best meal they provide is the small salads with the meal. i would be happy with a main meal salad they are that good. Weird bugger i am heh??

25 Oct 2017

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Have always enjoyed Emirate's wine offering in First. Very much looking forward to a glass of Giaconda Estate Chardonnay on flight to Christchurch in February.

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