British Airways to continue London-Singapore-Sydney flights

BA's daily BA15/BA16 service will keep flying, despite the new 'no transit' rules in place at Singapore's Changi Airport.

By David Flynn, March 26 2020
British Airways to continue London-Singapore-Sydney flights

British Airways will suspend its daily BA15/BA16 flight to Sydney via Singapore between April 9 and April 22, with the short-term axe also falling on Hong Kong and possibly Singapore: read our latest story for more details.

PREVIOUS | British Airways is set to continue its daily flights on the popular 'Kangaroo Route' between London and Sydney via Singapore, despite a ban on transit passengers at Changi Airport.

That ban, announced by the Singapore Government on Sunday March 22 and in place from Tuesday March 24, caught airlines and passengers by surprise.

British Airways' solution, developed with the support of the Singapore authority, is for the BA15 and BA16 flights to make a 'technical fuel stop' rather than the more conventional transit stop.

This will allow the flights to refuel, take on new crew and catering, while passengers booked through to London remain on board – although Singapore-bound travellers can leave the plane, while passengers doing just the Singapore-London leg can also board.

It's far from standard procedure, but both BA and the Singapore Government are keen to do what they can to help people get home.

Qantas, which had already planned to suspend its daily Sydney-Singapore-London Airbus A380 service by week's end when the airline grounds all international flights, chose to have the superjumbo stop and refuel at Darwin – Australia's northern-most capital city – before continuing its non-stop trek to Heathrow.

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Thanks for this clarification. I've been trying to get clear answers from BA and reading various fora, but to no avail. Thank you.

25 Mar 2020

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I went to brisbane this morning to flight for sydney and london in BA16 , Qantas did not allowed me to take the flight because of the last instruction in singapor " transit rules "

It's the big confusion and now the flight is still going to london !!!! I lost my last chance to flight home in europe because of stupid people....

I showed them that my flight was confirmed but They did not want even have a look on it ...

They just suggested me to buy another ticket flight with qantas ... of course ...

Relax. Today's BA16 did not go to London. It's staying on the ground. It will be joined by tomorrow's BA16 service and both of the aircraft will then take passengers to London with a stop-over at Singapore under the revised rules explained above, because this special dispensation will not take effect until tomorrow.

25 Mar 2020

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I have a seat on BA16 for next week Sydney to Singapore. British Airways are still saying this flight is going as scheduled. As I can't actually enter Singapore, will BA cancelled my ticket. Have been trying to connect BA for days to get answers but can get on to them. No reply to email or Twitter enquiries. Does anyone know an email address I can contact BA or Australian phone number. The one I have been ring gives a recorded message about technical problems and then cuts out.

BA should cancel your ticket because they are responsible for ensuring you are good to go, and unless you are a Singaporean citizen or have PR or hold an approved work pass, you will NOT be allowed to enter Singapore.

25 Mar 2020

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Thanks for the reply. Just wish I could get on to BA. Have been trying for days.

25 Mar 2020

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I did get this replay contacting BA through Twitter yesterday evening.

My daughter has booked the BA flight 31/3 from Sydney to London. I see that the plane will go down for fuel in Singapore. Is that affected by the lockdown of Singapore airport, or are planes allowed to stop for fuel?

Hi Sofia, then BA0016 is operating and on time, including the stop in Singapore. If there are any changes to the flight, then your daughter will be notified. We'd use the contact details in the booking so please make sure these are up to date. JulieR

It's good to see that BA is finally replying to people! Yes Sofia, BA is correct here, the plane can certainly stop for fuel, the deal-breaker is that passengers are not allowed off the plane. If they step off the plane they are 'in transit' and this is what's banned. BA has approval for all the passengers to stay on board while the plane refuels, which is not the usual procedure, everyone normally has to get off. But this special approval is what will let BA keep BA15/16 running.

25 Mar 2020

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They will not get off for sure !

My anxiety is starting to rise. Our flight from UK to Australia on 30th March via Singapore got cancelled, our first leg of the flight from Europe to Heathrow is still active. I've been unsuccessful in reaching the call centre, it just disconnects and no help anywhere. I want to know what to do, do we still fly from Europe to UK and then what? stuck at Heathrow without knowing where to go. I'm confused how others are getting flights from UK to Australia via Singapore without issues, and seems flights are available on their website at double the price to fly. What do I do, I'm so stressed. Do I need to go to the Australian embassy? Anyone know?

26 Mar 2020

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We are in the the BA16 flight tomorrow starting from Madrid/London/Singapore/ Sydney and still going out on time

I'm in Portugal, supposed to go Lisbon - London - Singapore (cancelled flight) - Sydney. So flight out of PRT ok to UK, but then what? And where does our luggage go if it can't continue to destination. It's such a mess, I have tried for days to reach BA to no avail. Given we are supposed to fly out Monday, not sure what to do :(

British Airways - Executive Club

23 Mar 2018

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My understanding of the situation is as follows:

BA15/16 LHR to SYD operating again from today with a stop in Singapore to refuel (not letting passengers off)- as reported in this article.

These flights, whilst they have still been operating over the last two days (except BA16 yesterday), have not been allowing passengers to do the whole journey due to the Singapore transit ban. They have been allowing Singapore nationals and people already in Singapore before the ban to board though.

Now that the UK have successfully negotiated a deal with Singapore, the flights will now allow passengers to travel LHR to SYD (and vice versa) from today onwards. There are currently two BA 777s in Sydney ready to take passengers through to London this afternoon on BA16.

Those of you with cancelled BA flights from London to Singapore- are you on BA15 or BA11? My understanding is that BA11/12 (LHR to SIN) will cease operating at some point this weekend and this could be why you have had your flight cancelled. You therefore need to call BA and get moved onto BA15 instead.

Oh thank you,

Yes, from London to Singapore is BA11, then Singapore to Sydney is BA15. The big issue is getting a hold of anyone, both online and on the phones. I've called every day, waited ages on the phone, once you get through the wait, automated message says they're not taking calls and direct you to the website, then phone call disconnects. I understand they're so bombarded with people calling in wanting refunds or vouchers, so they're tying up the lines.

30 Apr 2013

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We had booked OSL-LHR-SIN-SYD in mid April and taking BA11 to SIN and BA15. Checked the trip yesterday and all I can see is BA15 SIN-SYD. No note from BA about other flights!

Really angry that they didn't even made a note on booking or send us email that flights are cancelled. I guess will wait closer to date and see what comes up.

Very uncertain times to have flights :-(

27 Mar 2020

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I have got a confirmed booking SYD SIN and SIN LHR (I.e. shown as separate sectors but for the same flight). I'm obviously flying SYD LHR on the same aircraft but with the 2 sectors having separate coupons. Will this be a problem. Impossible to contact BA to ask. Thanks

I have now received word that all BA flights from SIN to LHR after 8th April have been cancelled. Has anyone else found this, or can offer any update?

30 Mar 2020

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Hi , we have my daughter booked on a flight on sat 11th April from Sydney- sing- Heathrow. We are hearing that this flight route is bring suspended from 6th April ? Can anyone confirm. Upon checking availability no flights now shown in April however you can book / swap flights to May ??

26 Apr 2020

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Hello, Im wondering if the flight BA 16 heading out Sydney 1 of may to London 250pm is still on schedule ? thanks for the news!

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