LEAKED: Jetstar's Project Sirius seats and cabin layout for the Boeing 787

By Staff Writers, April 1 2011
LEAKED: Jetstar's Project Sirius seats and cabin layout for the Boeing 787

In leaked documents seen exclusively by Australian Business Traveller, Jetstar's cabin layout for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been revealed.

According to the plans, marked "Project Sirius", the airline has decided on a high-density seating configuration. That won't surprise travellers familiar with the minimal leg-room available on the airline's Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft.

The new seats have only been developed since the delay to the delivery of Jetstar's new 787s, caused by production problems at Boeing.

Produced under contract by European manufacturer ProAiFoll, the seats will appear in a maximum-density 2-4-2 configuration -- on two levels for its new Project Sirius layout.

A ladder cleverly built into the cabin allows passengers seated on the upper level to ascend to their seats.

We have exclusive leaked pictures of the seats below, which demonstrate the two-level structure that Jetstar will use:

Another page of the plans show rejected ideas for standing-room only seats, which our source tells us were nixed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Australian Business Traveller has been told by a member of Jetstar staff that a top-secret evacuation safety test for Project Sirius took place in Boeing's Renton, Washington factory last week. All aircraft must be certified as able to be evacuated within 90 seconds with only half the emergency doors in operation.

The staff member (who spoke with us in secrecy and wished only to be named as "Bruce") reported two broken legs, a twisted neck and "minor whiplash injuries". In comparison, the Airbus A380's evacuation test resulted in only one broken leg.

The plans we exclusively gained access to also state that Jetstar's first routes for the 787 will be to Athens, Milan, Munich, Rome and San Serriffe, with the flights transiting via Singapore. 

Crew will be offering special buy-on-board meals and experiences to tie in with the relaxing opportunities offered by the Project Sirius seats and to get travellers in the mood for their destination.

Munich flights will tie in to the famous Oktoberfest, with cabin crew in special Jetstar-branded dirndl and lederhosen Bavarian clothing. Special keg equipment from the renowned Augustiner Bierkeller with high-altitude foam-reducing gear will provide a taste of southern Germany in the air.

Services to Rome and Milan will provide an on-demand Italian meal service, with Italian-Australian favourites including pollo alla parmigiana, risotto alla milanese and the infamously decadent hot pudding La Barbajada. To Milan, the Milanese happy hour, aperitivo, will be available between the third and fourth hours of the flight on departure from Singapore.

On flights to Athens, special plastinx stands will be available for sale to allow passengers to partake in the famous Greek game of kottabos. However, sales will be restricted to passengers travelling in pairs, as there is only one plastinx fitting per pair of seats.

Flights to San Serriffe's Bodoni International Airport -- a key business destination -- will see a special buy-on-board menu including dishes from the islands' indigenous Flong people, including Zapfino stew, kern pie and Haettenschweiler cake. 

The Jetstar staffer, "Bruce", told us that Jetstar crew are informally referring to the new destination-themed services as "Project 'You Can't Be' Sirius".

Unfortunately for travellers, the delivery date for Jetstar's 787s has been pushed back to one year from today, and the aircraft will now arrive April 1, 2012.

Happy April Fool's Day from the team at Australian Business Traveller!

01 Apr 2011

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This looks like a great configuration and a great use of that wasted vertical space in modern airliners. I am looking forward to sampling the Flong dishes, especially kern pie, as it isn't widely available in North America. Thankfully the stand-up seats were rejected as I can imagine that on a long trip, they would become quite tiring.

03 Jan 2011

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The kern pie is especially delicious, and is also clearly marked as gluten free on the menu. Unlike some airlines we could mention...

Try it with a delicious glass of Helvetica Bold beer, available only on flights to San Serriffe!

13 Feb 2011

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That put a smile on my face first thing this morning..... will John McEnroe be the official spokesperson for the "You can't be sirius" project???

10 Mar 2011

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Even more reason not to fly Onestar... I mean Jetstar!

HaHa. Well Done. Someone was up late last night with Photoshop. Nice little way to start April 1. Although the way things are going, maybe one day airlines might just try this.

Pretty good effort guys - almost had me fooled!

I do not wish to be a kill-joy, but it would be appreciated if ABT could make it clearer that the "creativity" of this 1 April piece be also called for what it is.

In these days rapid fire commentary and the need to feed social media sites, for those who think any of the above commentary could at all be correct, then I hate to disappoint.

For the record and for all you bloggers out there Jetstar had no participation in this piece. But one day we do welcome receiving a Dreamliner!!

Mind you the insights, by example, of a potential new look cabin uniform, new menu considerations and an innovative seating plan could be just the ticket for any budding aviator looking at a new way to crack into the aviation game with a point of difference, if you thought high fuel prices and just a little bit of competition in the market hadn't put you off of late! Those investors in airlines can be a little pesky.

But what I do want to know is whether those stand up seat prototypes come with a cupholder option?

Simon Westaway, Head of Corporate Relations, Jetstar


25 Oct 2010

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Lighten up princess!

I thought our pilots we were seen more as the tough and rugged types.

Facts are the facts Gabriella.

24 Oct 2010

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Well, I do appreciate Simon entering into the spirit of things with his question about the cupholders! :)

03 Jan 2011

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Simon, according to the top-secret plans I received, the cupholders (which double as iPad holders for your upcoming in-flight offering) clip onto the back of the seat in front and are available in-flight for a very reasonable charge of $4.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

05 Jan 2012

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stand up seats on a 14 hour flight... lovely... cabin would be empty.

Looking forward to reading ausbt on 1st april 2012

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

23 May 2012

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I wonder what a really tall person will say when flying the two level structure. It really looks modern and it looks like it can lie flat. I hope the bunk seats are for economy class. Thank goodness they got rid of the stand up seats after Jetstar wants to fly to USA and Europe to take on Virgin Australia and its partners.


22 Mar 2012

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Scrolling down this page, I was shocked with how smart the double level design is (except for where you would store cabin luggage), as this is a great way to use up all that vertical room that is completely wasted. I was thinking, wow this will revolutionise long haul travel and making profits soar, with better comfort for passengers.

I then scrolled down and saw 'Happy April Fool's Day from the team at Australian Business Traveller!' - Is it just me or is this actually a great future idea for layouts?


Great fools joke anyway ausbt! :)

03 Jan 2011

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Cheers mate -- we thought it was a great idea too, and we're as sad as you that nobody's implementing it. I reckon there's a real market here for airlines with an ultra-long-haul bent (like Air NZ or Emirates) to install these.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards platnium

30 Nov 2013

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That is a very good idea though learn airlines! I like the joke i think we all wish this was true!


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