Qantas launches new domestic business class meals

By David Flynn, November 5 2015
Qantas launches new domestic business class meals

Get ready for more posh nosh at the pointy end, with Qantas now serving new meals in the business class cabin of its domestic flights.

A new range of 'Rockpool-inspired' dishes is central to the six-monthly 'seasonal refresh', which sees three main meal choices offered for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

These include Heuvos Rancheros or Mexican ranch eggs, including two fried eggs, spiced tomato ragout served with warm tortillas and a mini bottle of tabasco; and for dinner, Jiang Xi style fish-of-the-day with pickled mustard greens and jasmine rice.

On east-west breakfast services travellers will also be served Botanica cold-pressed juices.

Qantas is also continuing its efforts to ensure that frequent flyers rarely see the same meal twice, which sees six menu variations for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper – each containing three choices – rotated around the domestic network each week. 

The airline is certain to trumpet the move as another sign of its ongoing investment in the all-important passenger experience, especially for corporate travellers.

Qantas is also boosting its domestic lounge network, with the opening of a dedicated business lounge at Perth (below) in August plus a multimillion dollar upgrade to the airline's Brisbane Airport terminal which will see new domestic and international lounges from 2016.

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Earlier this year Qantas expanded economy meal times for domestic flights, with breakfast being served for an extra half hour on flights departing through to 8.59am for travellers who didn't grab something at the airport or the lounge; the lunch window extended by one hour to cover flights departing from 11am rather than noon; and dinner being served on flights departing from 5pm instead of 6pm.

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01 Feb 2013

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Glad to hear this. I make the flight from the east coast to Perth and back, in J, regularly and the food on Qantas is usually very ordinary - especially the breakfast. Virgin's food and wine is noticeable superior, and is often really excellent.

20 Apr 2014

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great - looking forward to the current business meal service being improved after years of miserly cost cutting. a bowl of soup or salad leaves is not dinner and makes a mockery of the ticket price.

Thai Airways International - Royal Orchid Plus

15 Jan 2013

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I have only fly QF domestic business class once and this was from Brisbane to Adelaide in 2002 on a redemption award.The dinner I had(It was the last flight of the day)was better than the rubbish one would get today up the front and that was in spite of me having ordered a Kosher Meal.I wonder what the person next to me had to this day.

16 May 2014

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About time.

Not been up to par for a while, not sure why I get a biscuit or a cake in a kids cupcake paper at the end.


03 May 2013

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Now for the pathetic Business Class meals and the poor excuse for a salad consisting of a few green leaves, amenity kits and deshivled disinterest cabin crew........what ever became of the "center for excellence" for service? Some of those Qantas crew need to look at the immaculate Emirates crew for a few tips on presentation at least. 

19 Jun 2014

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While some Qantas crew aren't so immaculate, some Emirates crew can be just as bad as Qantas

undertheradar Banned
undertheradar Banned

28 Oct 2011

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fly another airline if it doesnt 'suit your needs', and leave those of us who are quite happy, to enjoy the QF C2C product..YOU have a choice.

Shame that whinging has become the national past time in this country, especially on such 'trivial' matters in LIFE 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

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There is a big difference between whinging and commenting on what one has experienced and Joe's comments are of what he has experienced. Sure he has a choice and will no doubt use it but he's has every right to post his feelings and not cop a tirade from a person who always seems to defend QF to an excessive degree.Do you have shares or work for  in QF?  It would seem to look like you do. To use your rational  If you don't like his comments then look at other forums and leave  things as they are meant to be, his experience and not yours.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

23 Jun 2014

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I have to whinge that the last dinner on an east west flight with Qantas last month was average. Must have decided the paxs needed to diet that flight. Have nothing but praise for the service and crew though, very good. I have found that if your treat people with respect, a thank you and appreciate their efforts it does make a big difference to the service. 

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

12 Sep 2011

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The Brisbane Domestic C Lounge is very very tired  -kinda referctory /cafeteria   - and only 2 showers  -one of which is a disabled shower so this morning ended up with floods of water in most of room

10 Aug 2015

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Can someone explain to me why for a "refresh" QF continues to reference a restaurant is some decades old? Surely there has been some new start ups in foodservice which would allow QF to engage with those under 50? Perhaps a QF food and service offering designed by Justin Hemmes???

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