Boost your lounging limits with a Qantas Club Annual Guest Card

If you regularly travel with others, you can upgrade your own lounge membership to cover an extra guest with every visit.

By Chris Chamberlin, August 9 2021
Boost your lounging limits with a Qantas Club Annual Guest Card

A Qantas Club membership or Qantas Gold frequent flyer card is normally your ticket to airport lounge access with one guest.

But, if you’re regularly travelling with more than one companion, a Qantas Club Annual Guest Card boosts that limit to two guests with every visit.

For Qantas Platinum and Platinum One frequent flyers, the usual limit of two guests per domestic lounge visit can be boosted to three with an Annual Guest Card, albeit in selected lounges only.

As Annual Guest Cards are issued in the name of the host – not the guest – there’s no restriction as to who the card can be used for: on a business trip, that could be a colleague; on a family holiday, a relative; or on a group jaunt, a friend: the guest can change with every journey.

Here’s how to make the Qantas Club Annual Guest Card work for you.

Qantas Club Annual Guest Card: pricing

Because an Annual Guest Card isn’t a full Qantas Club lounge membership – merely an entitlement for somebody who already has lounge access to host an additional guest with each visit – the Annual Guest Card is priced accordingly.

Australian residents can purchase a 12-month Annual Guest Card for $350, while New Zealanders are charged NZ$335.

Residents of all other countries get a reduced price of A$255, while the card can also be purchased for 50,000 Qantas Points in lieu of cash for residents of any country.

Again, Annual Guest Cards are issued only to individuals who already have year-round access to Qantas lounges, such as Qantas Club members or Qantas Gold frequent flyers (and above), as an ‘add-on’ to that existing membership.

Qantas Club Annual Guest Card: lounge access

The Qantas Club Annual Guest Card can be used to bring an extra guest into the following Qantas-operated lounges, when the host – that’s the (fully-paid) Qantas Club member or Gold/Platinum frequent flyer – is already entitled to lounge access on the same day:

  • All domestic Qantas Club lounges
  • All domestic Qantas Regional Lounges
  • Qantas-operated international business class lounges
  • When borders are open, Qantas’ Perth Transit Lounge

For example, a regular Qantas Club member (or Gold frequent flyer) taking a Qantas flight from Brisbane to Darwin would normally have access to the Brisbane domestic Qantas Club with one complimentary guest: but with an Annual Guest Card, can bring two guests instead.

However, Annual Guests Cards are not valid in any other lounge types – such as Qantas First Lounges and partner airline lounges abroad – even if the host has access themselves.

Qantas Club Annual Guest Card: lounge locations

Here’s a definitive list of where an Annual Guest Card comes in handy for domestic flyers.

Domestic Qantas Clubs: Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Kalgoorlie, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Townsville.

Domestic Qantas Regional Lounges: Broome, Coffs Harbour, Devonport, Emerald, Gladstone, Karratha, Launceston, Mackay, Port Hedland*, Rockhampton* and Tamworth.

*These locations temporarily closed for airport works. Other locations may also open and close in line with local COVID-19 restrictions, lockdowns and rules on indoor dining facilities.

To use an Annual Guest Card with a domestic flight, the host must be travelling onwards that day on a Qantas or Jetstar flight number.

As Annual Guest Cards aren’t valid in domestic Business Lounges, Qantas Platinum-grade frequent flyers may choose to downgrade themselves to the Qantas Club to be joined by a third guest – being the two that are normally permitted, plus an extra via the Annual Guest Card.

With Australia's international borders shut and the trans-Tasman travel bubble currently burst, it remains a card best-suited to domestic travellers for now.

Purchasing a Qantas Club Annual Guest Card

Annual Guest Cards aren’t offered for sale via the Qantas website, so you’ll need to call Qantas on 131 131 between 7am and 7pm (AEST) Monday to Saturday, and press ‘2’ for the Qantas Club team.

Have your membership details and credit card handy, or your Qantas PIN if spending your Qantas Points instead.

However, it should be said that 50,000 Qantas Points – the asking price of an Annual Guest Card – doesn't provide the best value in covering what's otherwise a $350 fee, versus using these points to book flights or secure upgrades.

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