Qantas launches codeshare partnership with China Airlines

By David Flynn, August 26 2014
Qantas launches codeshare partnership with China Airlines

Qantas will partner with China Airlines for direct flights from Sydney and Brisbane to Taipei under a new codeshare agreement with the Taiwanese airline.

China Airlines runs up to ten return flights a week (during peak seasons) between Australia and Taipei on its Airbus A330 aircraft.

Subject to approval, Qantas passengers will be able to book flights from September 1 for travel from October 15, 2014.

“We’ve seen a growth in the number of our customers travelling to Taipei via our Singapore and Hong Kong hubs,” explained Stephen Thompson, Qantas Executive Manager for International Sales.

“By providing greater access to Taiwan with a direct codeshare service and more opportunities to earn frequent flyer points, we’re confident our customers will enjoy this new route to Taipei.”

Qantas is also spruiking the option of a Taipei-Singapore return leg on Jetstar Asia.

“A key benefit of our extensive Asia network is the ability to travel to multiple destinations within Asia without the need to backtrack" Thompson says.

"The option to fly direct into Taipei, and return via Singapore, for example, will appeal to business travellers looking to maximise their time."

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David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

18 Feb 2013

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Wouldn't you just fly the route yourself?

07 Oct 2012

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China Airlines = Low cost base

Qantas Airlines = High cost base

Just starting a new route costs a fair chunk of money. Starting a new route, where you will have limited connections on the other end, and with a higher cost base than your main competitor, is not a smart business move.


13 Sep 2013

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But Jetstar on the other hand?

I've never understood why Jetstar doesnt run a flight between SYD/BNE to Taipei a few times a week.

It's a growing inbound and outbound leisure market

07 Oct 2012

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Jetstar could be a goer.

04 Nov 2012

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Can pick up some nice long haul flghts at right price out of TPE on CX in J, that is a bonus.

Codeshare is only good if you're flying in Business or First, which give you the ability to earn SC and points at the QF rates including all the perks of premium travel (lounges, fast track, priority luggage etc.).

To the QFF elite member or other OW elite members flying in Economy, codeshare arrangements with non OW carriers is a poor choice. You only earn SC/Points/Mile. In some case, you don't even get that (e.g. BAEC members, who don't even earn TP/avios when travelling in a premium cabin!).

God knows why you remain in an alliance if you're going to be half hearted about it. 

07 Oct 2012

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But should QF's priority be those passengers using other airlines frequent flyer schemes over the signing of a codeshare?

It's not a zero sum game. What goes around comes around.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

20 Sep 2013

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Do you really believe Qantas have management with the necessary skills set to go into any viable codeshare arrangement.They have been unsucesssful in this regard for some years and not highly regarded in ONE WORLD.China Airlines could be sucessful arrangement for Qantas if they did not go into it in a half hearted way and not utilize all existing rights beyond.And yes code share is a priority because if it were not for codeshare they could not fill even existing seats on most all routes in particular to the Americas.

07 Oct 2012

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I am not particulary sure how QF can sign a  codeshare deal with China Airlines and arrange for members of other OW schemes to be recognised.

As for what comes around goes around... what do Cathay and Air New Zealand, AA and Ethiad, Air Berlin and Ethiad do?

07 Oct 2012

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Qantas management are an awesome group of execeptional managers, that have a proven ability to strategically plan and lead an organisation through turbelent times...said no one ever!

I can be critical of the many things I don't think Qantas managers do well.

But I will also praise them when I think they do something right.

You're absolutely right. They're good at making sure pax flying in Business and First are being taken care of very well.

If you read my earlier comments carefully I indicated that even QFF elites flying Economy are impacted when QF doesn't keep it in the (OW) family.

CX/NZ, AA/EY and AB/EY are equally misguided (from the perspective of the traveller). But I don't think any of them, with the exception of AB is as bad as QF when it comes to open relationships.

04 Aug 2014

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I would just take CX instead of CI-QF codeshare. Transition in HKG is easy and pleasant, let alone you have like bus timetable flights from Hkg to Taipei.

Hardware on CI is also poor, lie angle flat seat and poor IFE.

China Airlines - Dynasty Flyer

22 Sep 2012

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Actually their A330's a pretty dam good in Business class. 15inch PTV (10inch in economy), as close as you can get to fully flat without it being fully flat I mean you would not slide off the seat as the angle is so minimal.

The IFE has about 20-30 (New English movies),Another 60-80 English movies for children and more like classical movies. Some asian and chinese movies.Around 100 albams for music, mostly american tv shows, 8-10 documentries and other programs I dont usually find interesting.

Food is fine a chioce of 3 main meals in business. 2 chioces in economy.

So i dont know where your coming from about the hardware being poor?

I think its more than enough for an 8-10hr flight. 


12 Apr 2013

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I rather fly JQ

China Airlines - Dynasty Flyer

22 Sep 2012

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I am really surprised it being a code share you wouldnt get some of the perks like lounge access if your a plat/gold member with Qantas. Of course Qantas would need to pay for it.

Delta Air Lines - SkyMiles

14 Apr 2013

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Personaly, QF should have an arangemnt with CX like they do with EK. It would save them $$$$ and strengthen their position internationaly and within the ONE WORLD Alliance. Why on earth would one code share with a non member airline and not  give loyal customers a true flying reward 

My point precisely!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Aug 2014

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I am pretty sure CX publicly said they are not interested in Qantas. Qantas has nothing to offer to CX. They fly to 5 places in Australia. Also they have flights to N. America and Europe 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Aug 2014

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In case of QF+EK, EK got more passengers to Europe and Africa and also QF lounges.

20 Apr 2014

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I'm guessing you mean more generally rather than in the context of this article which is about TPE flights? If not then QF already sell CX connections to their HKG flights so all they're really doing here is maximising the possibility of time sensitive travellers booking the codeshare over the connection.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 Apr 2012

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Recently flew the Business class A350 return on QF Codeshare with China Airlines.  Overall the service and hard product is very nice, other than the seat back is very short and at 176cm, it did not provide any head support when sitting upright.  Lounge access was the basic lounge, even for QF platinum members, and there was no recognition between frequent flyers onboard, other than the generic welcome onboard P.A announcement for QF codeshare.  You are also unable to pre-select seating or meals on the websites prior to Check-in, so you are left with luck of the draw once Check-in opens.

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