Review: Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER Business Premier business class

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By Chris C., February 6 2019
Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER Business Premier business class

Brisbane - Auckland

Aircraft Type

Boeing 777-300ER


Air New Zealand



Cabin Class



9A (window, rear cabin)

The Good
  • Good meal options and nice Champagne (Laurent-Perrier)
  • Direct aisle access at every seat
The Bad
  • Limited privacy as you face other passengers
  • Friendly yet refreshingly relaxed service


With four airlines offering business class service between Brisbane and Auckland – Qantas, Virgin Australia, China Airlines and Air New Zealand – there's fierce competition on this trans-Tasman trek, both in fare prices and in the experience offered to business class passengers.

Air New Zealand puts its best foot forward by running true international-grade Boeing 777s on selected flights across the ditch – the same as you'd expect to find on longer routes to the USA, for example – offering fully-flat beds, direct aisle access and three-course, tray-free meals in its Business Premier cabin.

Australian Business Traveller took to the skies to brings you this review.


  • Frequent flyer program: Air New Zealand Airpoints, Star Alliance. Virgin Australia Velocity points can no longer be earned on AirNZ flights, but you do have other options like Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer or United MileagePlus, too.
  • Carry-on baggage allowance: Two bags at up to 14kg combined total weight with a maximum of 10kg in a single piece, plus one small personal item.
  • Checked baggage allowance: 3x23kg bags for all passengers, regardless of frequent flyer status.
  • Airport services: Priority check-in, Express Path security and immigration in Australia, priority boarding and priority baggage delivery. However, in Brisbane, there was only one staffed priority check-in counter in use and the queue to obtain a simple boarding pass took around 20 minutes, when kiosks weren't available.

On the brighter side, Air New Zealand's mobile app handily provides boarding alerts straight to your phone, and advises if your journey will have inflight WiFi available:


Air New Zealand operates its own lounge at Brisbane Airport, located after security and immigration. There's plenty of natural light with views towards the Brisbane CBD...

... joined by machine-made espresso coffee, buffet dining, colourful furniture and high ceilings in much of the space:

AusBT review: Air New Zealand, Star Alliance lounge: Brisbane Airport

Under Star Alliance rules, AirNZ Business Premier passengers also have access to the nearby Singapore Airlines SilverKris lounge, but with serviceable WiFi and that all-important natural light ahead of my late morning departure, I remained in the AirNZ lounge – as I also did recently when flying Air Canada from Brisbane to Vancouver with a similar departure time.

Over in Auckland, passengers flying back to Brisbane or onward to other destinations can similarly visit the Air New Zealand lounge, with a comparable look and feel bolstered by barista coffee, a cocktail bar, food specials prepared to order, and an 'indoor/outdoor' terrace space.

Photo tour: Air New Zealand's flagship Auckland lounge


With a journey time of 3hrs 10min, NZ136 departs Brisbane daily at 11:15am, reaching Auckland at 5:25pm local time: well-suited for onward connections to points across the United States and other destinations, or simply for those arriving into New Zealand the day before an important meeting.

The aircraft that serves NZ136 flies over to Brisbane as NZ135, which is wheels-up in Auckland at 9am, touching down at 9:35am in the Queensland capital after a slightly longer voyage of 3hrs 35min.

However, while Air New Zealand runs up to three flights per day between Brisbane and Auckland, only NZ135/136 offer business class: the other flights are served by all-economy jets, including the airline's new Airbus A321neo.

If those other departures are a better fit for your schedule, the closest thing to business class is the Works Deluxe experience – similar to the 'EuroBusiness' concept where you sit at the front of the plane in a regular economy seat, but with a guaranteed spare seat beside you.

AusBT review: Air New Zealand Airbus A321neo Works Deluxe, Auckland-Brisbane

If you're intent on flying business class from Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, a handy trick to remember is that Air New Zealand flight numbers beginning with '1' offer a business class cabin, but those beginning with '7' do not.

For example, NZ136 from Brisbane to Auckland – the flight reviewed here – offers business class, while NZ730, NZ732 and NZ734 top out at Works Deluxe.


Business Premier aboard AirNZ's Boeing 777-300ERs comes in a standard 1-2-1 layout, split across a larger cabin of seven rows at the front, and a smaller cabin of four rows further back, behind the second aircraft door.

With the 'A' and 'K' seats by the windows and the 'B' and 'J' seats in the middle, all passengers are angled to face towards the aisle:

While this arrangement does provide every passenger with direct and uninterrupted aisle access, it doesn't do much in the way of privacy. Sitting in 9A, here's the view looking forward, directly from my seat: if there were passengers flying in 9B and 10B, I'd be staring straight at them:

Being angled towards the aisle also makes it very difficult to enjoy the view at the window seats, as you need to loosen your seat belt and turn yourself right around just to look outside:

There's a better sense of privacy between passengers of the same seat letter – 9A and 10A, for example – where the seat's fixed shell remains in place whether you're sitting upright or stretching out in bed:

Speaking of bed, yours is made by folding the seat forwards, although on trans-Tasman flights as shown below, AirNZ doesn't carry mattress pads and the like – just a pillow:

Here's what the full bed looks like if you're jetting further afield, such as to the USA:

With the seatback folding forward, the fixed footrest in front of you doubles as the tail end of that bed...

... but when your chair is upright, this can also be used as a seat for a second passenger to join you, such as for a meal – there's even an extra seatbelt here, so they won't have to vacate if there's turbulence:

While I was travelling solo on this AirNZ flight, I've previously put that to the test in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class which features the same basic seat, and found the tray table large enough to accommodate two meal plates (pictured below), but the legroom on the cosier side when doing so, making it a better-fit for couples rather than colleagues.

Dining with a companion in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, in an almost-identical seat to AirNZ
Dining with a companion in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, in an almost-identical seat to AirNZ

That table is deployed by pressing the apt-looking table button, with the seat's other controls nearby. The arrows control the angle of your seat and help turn it into a bed, while the other options adjust the lumbar support to your liking:

In terms of storage, there's space inside the armrest – after you pull out and don the supplied headphones...

... with room for laptops, cables and the like down in the side pocket...

... which is also where you'll find a dual-pin headphone outlet and an international-type AC power port:

On the window- or centre-side of your seat, the shelf behind your armrest also houses a water bottle holder and can be a good place to keep headphones and other light items out of the way...

... and when your inflight entertainment screen is open (more on that below), its usual home transforms into an extra shelf that's handy for beverages:

A fold-down drink table is right beside, but as it's easy to bump with your elbow, I'll generally keep it closed during the flight and keep everything in that other space above, where it's much less likely to be disturbed.

An adjustable reading light sits atop the beverage shelf, joining the standard light above your head.


The journey begins with a choice of drinks before take-off and follows with bar service in the sky, where Laurent-Perrier Champagne was an easy choice, joined by warmed nuts:

With a late morning departure from Brisbane and a late afternoon arrival into Auckland, this flight offers a three-course lunch, beginning with a choice from the following starters:

  • Char siu pork fillet with chilli, pickled shiitake, wok-fried gai lan and hoisin mayonnaise
  • Moroccan spiced chicken with butternut squash, coconut, radicchio, feta and harissa yoghurt

I went for the pork with garlic bread from the basket – both were fresh and tasty, and went well with a glass of New Zealand red – but with no printed wine list, you'll need to make your decision when the crew come by.

For the main meal:

  • Red wine-braised beef cheek with colcannon mash, rosemary carrots and green beans, with horseradish cream
  • Smoked salmon with bulgur wheat, cranberry and orange salad, toasted almonds and garlic aioli
  • Paprika chicken breast with creamed cauliflower, garden peas, macadamia nuts and mustard pickle

Keeping my glass of red, I went for the best match – the beef – which was nice and tender, although the presentation of the food was very 'airline meal', given it's plated on the ground rather than in the air:

To finish:

  • Fig and honey ice cream with blackberry sauce and toasted almonds
  • Salted caramel swirl cheesecake with dark chocolate sauce and chocolate crumbs
  • Fine New Zealand cheese served with quince paste and crackers

I selected the ice cream and was happy with the presentation and portion size – not too big, but not too small, either – and at the crew's suggestion, indulged in a Sutton Forest Estate dessert wine alongside it:

To conclude, I ordered a simple white coffee (no espresso, unfortunately), which came delivered in an interesting mug and with a chocolate on the side:

Entertainment & Service

Each Business Premier passenger gets an 11-inch inflight entertainment screen, which begins its journey mounted to the shell next to you...

... but can be folded out after take-off – leaving that space to your side for extra storage, shown earlier – to offer a reasonable selection of movies, TV shows, games and music, among other features:

Over-ear headphones are provided, but I didn't find these to be noise-cancelling, so quickly reverted to my own pair: and if you take the same approach, you won't need to pack your airline adaptor, as standard 3.5mm audio cables can be plugged-in directly below the screen, which is also where you'll find a USB charging port:

Inflight WiFi is also available on selected Air New Zealand aircraft: charges apply.

On today's flight, cabin crew were friendly and cheerful, and their announcements were a pleasing detour from the normal boilerplate script adopted by most full-service airlines, such as "skipper here" when the captain made an address, and the crew being introduced as "fresh from the Maroochydore Macarena competition last night", which got a few chuckles.

Being a three-hour journey, I didn't have a need to use the call bell as the crew were never far away, but without them being intrusive or bothersome.

All things considered, a very pleasant way to travel between Australia and New Zealand, given you don't have to step past anybody to access the aisle – or give way to other passengers who are doing so – as you would on Boeing 737 flights operated by Qantas and Virgin Australia on the same route.

The lack of bedding equipment on such a short flight also wasn't a problem: if not taking photos, I wouldn't have wanted to fold the bed down anyway (and the star rating given to the seat reflects trans-Tasman travel), although on longer routes, the limited privacy afforded by the seat's design compared to the business class experiences of many other airlines wouldn't be as ideal.

Also read: Air New Zealand Airbus A321neo Works Deluxe review: Auckland-Brisbane

Chris Chamberlin travelled to Auckland as a guest of Air New Zealand.

Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

Total posts 232

My impressions from flying in them in two words" Bloody awful " Only saved by ANZ good service . Terrible design and layout.

No way I would do long haul with ANZ again until they change those seats. Plenty of other carriers with hugely better seats out there.

04 Aug 2014

Total posts 35

Totally agree....I flew on their J class to LA a year ago and the experience was horrible.

Seat itself was already bad enough and the crew of the flight wasnt helping either.

15 Nov 2016

Total posts 18

Absolutely agree! Those seats are horrendous and why would anyone actually want to sit facing into the middle of the aircraft . Even worse though is their current safety video. The flight attendants were all complaining it is degrading to them as well. Surely this is a safety issue, not a personal taste issue. A friend sent me this as received from their feedback centre.

Yo Air Enzed yo vid’s a lark!

But y’planes are bitchin’ and yo crew is sharp.

Siz narly to peep your peeps so kewl.

But me thinks it makes ‘em look like fools.

Yo degrade our Kulcha and yo diss y’staff,

Coz yo brand is betta and yo tearin’ it apart!

The vids way long and it kills the point…

Yo whats it about, some rappa’s in the joint?

My mutha don’t get what yo tryin’ to say

Safety is surly when y’rap it that way

Ditch that vid respect yo pax and crew

Yo not really shinin’ but perhaps yo knew.

25 May 2017

Total posts 4

Glad I saw this, layout is horrible and madness, why bother putting windows in the plane. Design beggars belief. Ain't going nowhere on that

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Jan 2017

Total posts 50

id take a skybed 2 any day!

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

20 Jul 2018

Total posts 15

Each to their own, but frankly that amazes me. The Skybed is a tired old product with very limited storage and privacy, a lumpy sleeping surface and a droopy end.

There's no doubt that NZ's current seat is now outclassed, and not in the same league as the reverse herringbones or the best of the staggered designs (though I prefer it to some of them). But I do think that some of the criticism is overblown, and where it really comes into its own is for sleeping, where the very flat dedicated sleeping surface and the fantastic mattress pads make it by far the most comfortable business class bed I've experienced (and I've tried plenty). It also feels notably more private in bed mode, when you're much more surrounded by the walls, than it does as a seat.

The vast majority of NZ's longhauls are overnight flights so this set of compromises actually works fairly well for them. Having said that, I'm impatient for their new longhaul product to be released. The real mistake NZ made was not introducing a newer product when they refurbished the 777s and introduced the Dreamliners - a similar mistake to what they did in the mid-90s when they barely evolved their (recliner) business class seat. In this business you can't get two generations worth of value out of a single design, without slipping well behind the competition.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

13 Nov 2018

Total posts 109

Having been on both Skybed II and ANZ within two days of each other, I’d take SB2 any day over ANZ. And yes, I too HATE that horrible safety video!

Air New Zealand - Airpoints

21 Jan 2016

Total posts 193

The rap safety video has been withdrawn after to many complaints. As from 4 Feb 19, there is a 'new' safety video being one of the more popular ones - the 2016 'Bay of Islands summer' video.

Singapore Airlines - KrisFlyer

13 Jun 2013

Total posts 29

I've just returned from a trip across to CHC (8 & 11 Feb) and the bl**dy rap video played on both legs so it's still there. Appalling. Stared at it in disbelief on the first leg, read my book on the return.

Air New Zealand - Airpoints

21 Jan 2016

Total posts 193

Despite Air NZ getting alot of complaints from business travelers about the Business Premier 'coffins', Air NZ says, their research has found, that most travelers who travel in Business Premier are leisure travelers, so they are not in rush to replace the seat product until the decision has been made on the B772 replacement despite the seat product is 14 years old. That said, Air NZ is working on a new Premium Economy and Business Premier seat product that facts in ultra long haul travel.

Air NZ's own business traveler research, has found NZ based business travelers will prominently use Premium Economy on the B787's and B777's or Works Deluxe or Space + 'Seat Only' or 'Seat/Bag' on the A320/A321's on Trans Tasman services.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

20 Jul 2018

Total posts 15

Now that horrendous safety video is something we can definitely agree on. Thank god it's gone already...

07 Jan 2014

Total posts 42

Air NZ was one of the last airlines to switch from recliners to flat beds years ago, and once again they are behind the curve in rolling out a new J seat. But on AKL US routes, they have a monopoly, and on their routes to Asia they either have no direct point to point competition or have cleverly obfuscated the regulators into approving joint ventures with their competition (SQ, CX). Combine that with the loyalty they have from NZ based flyers as a result of their virtual domestic monopoly and who don’t know better / think the sun shines out of Air NZ’s behind, and they don’t really have an incentive to roll anything new out beyond their current thinking of 2022.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 May 2017

Total posts 13

Slightly off the topic of the article itself but AA & UA fly AKL to LAX & SFO respectively - so not a total monopoly, but certainly nothing like the options available ex-SYD

07 Jan 2014

Total posts 42

True, though AA isn’t year round and UA - surprise! - ties up with NZ.

Quite right 'Yarki'. The best NZ can offer coupled to the worst the US can offer. A marriage made in heaven (?)


30 Jul 2015

Total posts 107

Sounds like Aussies and QF ;-)

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

20 Jul 2018

Total posts 15

I agree this seat is now dated and behind the curve, but to say they were one of the last to switch from recliners to flat beds is simply not true. They were in fact one of the very first to have herringbone seats and a 1-2-1 layout offering direct aisle access to every seat... something QF only achieved with the launch of their business studio a full decade or so later!


23 May 2014

Total posts 119

Good point mad_atta - it’s now a bit dated but when it came out in I think 2004 (was that the year I won the Flyertalk AirNZ rugby competition btw? ;)) most airlines were just introducing angled “lie flat” and after BA, AirNZ were one of the first to go truely flat bed and herringbone ie direct aisle access for all - it was pretty much best in class. The outward angled seats like on CX didn’t exist yet.

It’s a dated product now but not sure it deserves quite so much negativity - it’s more private than SB2 and agree one of the most comfortable beds with the memory foam mattress on.

24 Aug 2011

Total posts 1202

Is this photo part of the 10 year challenge? What have they got now? ;)


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 May 2017

Total posts 84

Is that Champagne in a beer glass though?

30 Nov 2016

Total posts 21

I'm extremely surprised to see this seat given 4 stars when the recent review of Cathay's J seat was only given 3.5 stars. Cathays seat has more privacy, more storage, a better entertainment screen and more usable shelf / flat spaces.

24 Apr 2012

Total posts 2438

This is a trans-Tasman flight review, so simply put, it's is a four-star seat for a three-hour flight, whereas Cathay's is a 3.5-star seat for a nine-hour flight.

As the review clearly mentions, the star ratings here focus solely on trans-Tasman travel, and also take into context that most other business class passengers flying between Australia and NZ are doing so aboard Boeing 737 flights with regular reclining seats at best, which have no privacy, little storage, sometimes no fixed entertainment screen at all (VA), and so on.

It's not the best seat in the market, certainly – Qantas runs A330s with Business Suites on some flights, Emirates still sends A380s to Christchurch with 1-2-1 business class and additional seating at the cocktail bar, and then there's China Airlines for Brisbane flyers (and LATAM from Sydney, albeit 2-2-2) – but for a mere three-hour daytime hop, NZ's 1-2-1 seating is highly competitive on trans-Tasman flights, and thus 4/5 on the seating front.

15 Nov 2016

Total posts 18

And don't forget that they have a window. Sitting with your back to the window is ludicrous. The Cathay business seat is great.

31 Mar 2014

Total posts 379

4/5 star rating for the seat is surprising. That's 80%. When I was in school a fair while ago, 80% was an A. I certainly wouldn't give this seat an A.


07 Jan 2011

Total posts 53

You don't think a lie-flat seat with direct aisle access is worthy of 4 stars for a 3.10 hour regional flight?

'Grannular', it's only worth 4 stars because of the 'fussy' memory foam mattress. If you make up the bed for a short hop across the ditch then you're on a winner. I'd guess most of us don't ... so we sit there looking out the window with the back of one ear (or the other, depending on side of cabin), whilst enjoying the severely limited seat recline (compared to other, more modern products).

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Jan 2015

Total posts 70

Crikey I'm feeling like a square peg in a round hole on this topic. I love the NZ Business Premier Seat, food and Service. I'm only annoyed that the LH/Swiss RTW Business fares I use now exclude NZ flights across the pacific so I'm back on UA or Qantas. Anyway each to their own and I can see both sides of the responses

18 Mar 2014

Total posts 98

Haha, I'm the same as you. Whilst I can appreciate it isn't the most private when in seat-mode, the flights to North/South America are overnight, so when in bed-mode, it's one of the most comfortable sleeps in the sky. And yes, the service and food are great too.

Air New Zealand - Airpoints

26 Oct 2014

Total posts 12

I disagree, ANZ crew have always been excellent on LHR-LAX and LAX-LHR. Appreciate privacy issue but as both these flights are in effect night flights it's meal and sleep.

Sleeping is never a problem for me, except on awful BA Club World.
The Star Alliance Lounge at LAX is run by ANZ and is excellent with outside terrace.
With 3 US Legacy carriers, BA, VS, ANZ is an excellent alternative in my view.

int13h Banned
int13h Banned

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Feb 2019

Total posts 1

I think had I waited 20 mins like you did in Priority Check-In queue, my emotions would have got carried away with me. But I suppose lucky for that Champagne in the Beer glass.

13 Feb 2017

Total posts 21

I live in southeast Queensland and this is my preferred way of getting to and from the USA.

The seat is short of storage space and privacy, but as a bed it is more comfortable than the QF and VA competitors as it’s wider for your legs.

Best of all is the scheduling for North America. Returning on QF or VA is fine, but their schedule means that the BNE-LAX flight is effectively 11 am to 1 am Queensland time, whereas the NZ route via AKL means that sleep is possible and that you don’t land 8 hours prior to your hotel room being available.

Sub-$5K fares help too!

Singapore Airlines - KrisFlyer

12 Jun 2011

Total posts 4

Have to agree with most in relation to the Bus Class seat.Have traveled on many ANZ Bus Class flights and even with the service being very good the seat is far too narrow,over crowding the seat in front and behind.Very little storage for anything but a magazine,tray table rests below pullout TV screen and is cumbersome with any meal present.Definitely 3 out of 5.Business Class cabin is NOT a private cabin like others.People see you and you see others very easily.


17 Jan 2018

Total posts 84

Qantas A330 is definitely superior and flys on this route (but was not pointed out) and other ex OZ cities. ANZ 777 obviously better than a QF737 so choose carefully.

24 Apr 2012

Total posts 2438

Hi P, Qantas was mentioned in the very first paragraph of this review, with a link through to the latest news about its trans-Tasman flights (including A330s for Brisbane-Auckland) – ditto our relevant reviews of Virgin Australia and China Airlines business class. :)

Air New Zealand - Airpoints

08 Aug 2014

Total posts 39

I believe Air NZ is ripping out those aisle-facing seats soon. Good thing! Am sticking to QF A-330 services till they get it right. And as for the one-class A320s, don’t make me laugh.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer - Chairmans Lounge

01 Sep 2011

Total posts 413

I don't care how good their service might be or how nice the food might be, count me out on those seats. Not a hope that I'll fly in a seat like that. Looks awful.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Nov 2014

Total posts 23

I traveled J class return from Melbourne to the US on Air NZ last year. I was happy with the flight and am about to do it again. The flat bed comfortably fitted my 191cm frame which is more than I can say about the bed on some Asian airlines. On the trans-pacific flights I spend more time sleeping than awake so for me the bed is the most important thing, and the ANZ service and food did not disappoint.

Air NZ business class fares are considerably cheaper than direct Melbourne flights on QF and UA. Also, Auckland is preferable for transit rather than that wretched Sydney airport.

17 Jan 2018

Total posts 84

Thanks Chris but this is supposed to be a critical review and saying that there is a link where you can check on alternative options doesn't cut it for me. The simple fact is Q has a superior product on this route and that did not come across clearly in your review.

24 Apr 2012

Total posts 2438

What you’re asking for there is a direct comparison between all the business class options on a route: this is a standalone review of the AirNZ experience, not an A vs. B (vs. C vs. D) piece, although star ratings do take competition and the broader market into account. We’ve published something like that previously for Brisbane-Auckland, although Emirates was also running Airbus A380s at the time, so it could well be time for us to update that article for 2019. :)

Moving forward, we would once again remind readers that the comments section below articles is provided for readers to discuss the topic of the article among themselves. Readers who wish to provide feedback directly to the writer or editor of a work, or who take issue with the way an article is written or presented, are invited to send that feedback via email (as outlined in AusBT’s long-standing comment policy), in the interests of keeping discussions on-topic and on-track.

Haven't done the 773 but have done the 772, same seats, to and from HKG a few times. Totally agree with any negative sentiment previously expressed ... and any that follows. Coffin boxes. Knock drink off poorly positioned, tiny fold out table ... as mentioned above ... always a full glass. Horrible. Back of your head to the window or heads back to back if travelling as a couple in the centre pair, with a high divider panel that can't be lowered. Then there's that ghastly, manual, 'flop over seat-back' bed ... just as you're starting to nod off ... get up, fold seat-back down, find and rearrange seat belt, break out mattress, break out pillow. clamber into bed from foot end ... now wide awake again. And don't get me started on that terrible, noisy, over-crowded, over-bright, $24m monstrosity they call an 'International Business Lounge' ... toward the final few red-eyes the food is virtually non existent, the floors dirty around food and drink areas and the toilet floors awash in urine. Too spoiled by Cathay cabins and lounges I guess. Try the tired old Qantas Lounge if you have access privileges ... much more 'couth'. Sometimes wonder if Air NZ management have ever experienced other vendors products.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Mar 2017

Total posts 29

Regardless of whether it's a Trans Tasman or longer, this seat is dreadful. And having travelled in it, I felt peculiar sitting there, and seeing other people's heads in a line along the cabin - apart from the ergonomics with a window behind - it simply looks odd. Cathay got rid of their so called 'coffin-class' seating at least five years ago.

Emirates Airlines - Skywards

25 Aug 2012

Total posts 21

I find the seat extremely comfortable in sleep mode although not so keen on the limited recline options. Food and beverage and service outstanding.

27 May 2017

Total posts 21

Doesn't PER - AKL have better bedding though

Air New Zealand - Airpoints

12 Jul 2016

Total posts 27

I found the Business class incredibly comfortable - i really like it and have flown the 773 often long / short haul

Well done ANZ


24 Oct 2017

Total posts 5

Based on reviews I elected to give Air New Zealand MEL-SFO a shot, service was great, but those seats, never again, uncomfortable , lack of leg room in sitting position and the layout

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

14 Mar 2017

Total posts 152

This poem deserves more upvotes.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

16 Oct 2017

Total posts 1

We recently flew Air New Zealand and Qantas between Brisbane and Auckland. I agree that the ANZ configuration is horrible, I found myself just staring about people because there was absolutely NO privacy. So uncomfortable and I have no idea in what universe why ANZ would think this configuration would be a good idea! If they were just to change the configuration, it would be my favorite, as those seats were bar none my favorite, crazy comfortable. The ANZ seats are way better than Qantas' new seats, which was a disappointment, as the Qantas cabin configuration is a dream with their privacy.

Yes, they are quite comfortable once made up (and you're wide awake again), but unless you normally sleep in a 22" wide bed with high solid bed-sides, you're not going to mistake them for home sweet home ... and your own bed probably doesn't have the automatic sensor that turns on light, niggly turbulence as soon as you close your eyes. Apart from that, wife and self have a few clicks on the clock and climbing in and out via the far end is no longer an exciting adventure ... and reversing the procedure as soon as the turbulence starts and you realize sleep will be impossible simply exacerbates the suspicion we should have booked the Cathay flight with its upright to flat-bed at the touch of a button, right way around herringbone layout and oodles of personal 'flat space' and storage.


25 Feb 2014

Total posts 20

Spot on review as usual :) Though i do feel Air NZ should re-brand the cabin as premier feet class, as its such a great experience paying thousands of dollars to stare at someones manky feet. Such a fine premium experinece....................

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

14 Mar 2017

Total posts 152

The first, and only, time I took this service I found myself looking enviously at the lucky sods in Premium Economy. Tells you everything you need to know.

So glad I found this review. I was considering NZ for my next USA trip, but had no idea about the seating layout. NZ is no longer a contender for my business.

17 May 2012

Total posts 80

It misses two vitals. Privacy and my own space. Who wants to look at everyone else in the cabin? Plus having to get out of the seat for the bed to be made...what?....and then when in bed mode its absolutely flat and no recline choice at all. Bite the bullet's a dud. Admit it and move on. ( not sure whether its better or worse on the 777 or 787)

Like MOST people, I like ANZ service, food and wines, but a big NO to the Business seats. I had to sit from Houston to Auckland at a woman's bare feet. So much or health and safety. The Crew would not ask her to put hers shoes or airline socks on

The layout is HORRIBLE

28 Mar 2018

Total posts 33

Review is nearly spot on, perhaps too kind where the meal is concerned. Basically, it is an economy meal in a rectangular porcelain dish. Beef fillet are almost non-existant. Too expensive for the airline, and when they are, they are overcooked. Stark contrast to the meals of yesteryears where even a fillet is served in economy on a round plate.

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