Singapore Airlines’ new first class caviar service, Lobster Thermidor

Fine dining delights await Singapore Airlines’ first class flyers.

By David Flynn, November 19 2021
Singapore Airlines’ new first class caviar service, Lobster Thermidor
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Singapore Airlines is charting a fresh culinary flightpath for 2022, headlined by a range of new dishes across its popular Book The Cook service.

The airline has also tweaked its first class caviar service offered to passengers in its Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 suites.

However, Singapore Airlines’ Global Food & Beverage Director Antony McNeil is quick to assure high flyers that the service has been actually improved rather than euphemistically ‘enhanced’.

Singapore Airlines' revised first class caviar service.
Singapore Airlines' revised first class caviar service.

“Each passenger will receive an individual jar of caviar (instead of) the crew dishing it out,” McNeil tells Executive Traveller.

These are 30gm jars of Oscietra Caviar, into which travellers will now delve using an elegant Mother of Pearl caviar spoon.

“We’ve just changed the presentation slightly to put the emphasis on more of an individual service, and part of that process is enjoying that caviar with a beautiful Mother of Pearl spoon,” McNeil says.

The new Lobster Thermidor

There’s also an update for the iconic first class Lobster Thermidor, which McNeil acknowledges as “a perennial favourite” where any tinkering made with modern health-conscious tastes and sensibilities in mind must “maintain the integrity of the dish.”

“The lobster is the same, and the same size, just we've gone a little bit more authentically European to match the European style of the dish,” McNeil tells Executive Traveller.

Singapore Airlines' 2022 take on Lobster Thermidor.
Singapore Airlines' 2022 take on Lobster Thermidor.

“You have a fondant potato, which is basically a grilled potato that’s slowly simmered in stock so it takes up all the flavours from the stock.”

“And then we have a roasted pumpkin and kale saute, if you want call it that. It's a lot more light, and a little bit more healthy, just to offset the richness of the Lobster Thermidor and the flavours there.”

But in case Singapore Airlines’ first class flyers don’t embrace this 2022 take on the Lobster Thermidor, “we can make changes” and bring back the previous version, says Betty Wong, the carrier’s Divisional Vice President of Inflight Services and Design.

“When we do the new one, we will get feedback (and) people who have tried the old one will tell us whether they will like the new one,” Wong tells Executive Traveller.

“We are very flexible, so if our customers still like the old one with saffron rice, we can make that change.”

Book The Cook returns

As to the rest of the Book The Cook service – which lets passengers in first, business and premium economy select an inflight meal before their flight from a far more extensive menu than is usually offered on board – McNeil ands his team are ready to sign off on a range of new dishes in December.

Book The Cook has been limited to a smaller selection of dishes this year, but from January the full menu “will come back online,” McNeil says.

“We’ll be progressively rolling this through the stations as they reopen and become more available to our needs.”

“Not every catering partner can support it obviously, because of supply chain restrictions and so on, but the majority of them we've been talking with during the Covid period will be ready for when Singapore Airlines is ready.”

Wow, I remember when ET reported SQ talking about 'healthy' changes to the Lobster before the pandemic hit, the story was picked up by a lot of bloggers and there seemed to be a lot of kickback and concern, maybe SQ took notice of this because the new Lobster Thermidor seems not so drastic a change. I always liked it with the saffron rice but agree, the sauce was a bit heavy, but it's just such a classic indulgence dish!

Emirates Airlines - Skywards

11 Mar 2015

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The caviar service is always nice-why don't they use sevruga? with the individual jar it's even better so everyone gets equal portion-I ordered the lobster a few times and wasn't much satisfied with it there are better options a real good one taste better if you prepare it at home!But I liked that SQ always provides 2 champagne Krug and Dom for first class all other airlines way behind this.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

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I had the Caviar and lobster thermidor when I flew SQ in " Suites " a few years ago.

The caviar was served by the crew but they made sure I got as many servings as I wanted and the lobster , well what can one say except " fabulous". Nice to see them bringing it back for the lucky few who can and do fly First / suites with what I reckon is the best Airline there is.

It was a wonderful  and unfortunately rare occurrence for me to have done the " Suites " flight with them.

Lady Lotto will be the only way I will be able to experience this again but here's hoping.

SQ is always generous with caviar, I flew SQ First once and they were happy to give me three servings, between that and a seemingly bottomless Champagne glass the flight was very much enjoyed!

24 Jun 2020

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I wasn't impressed by the lobster thermidor but maybe they had a bad day as it was a few years ago now.

I too need a lotto win to get the chance to try it again.

26 Jul 2015

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I love the caviar, one of my favourite parts of the fantastic Singapore Air, though I would much prefer Melba toast instead of the blinis'. Add the vodka, great start to a flight.

Did they say when they will start serving the new lobster thermidor? I am keen to try it!

24 Oct 2010

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Hi Canberraflyer – SQ says its new Book The Cook menu should be rolled out from January 2022.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

13 Jan 2015

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When will they bring back the business version of the lobster thermidor?  Also what happened to the old Boston Themidor they used to have in first/suites?

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

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I fully agree with you that the Melba Toast is much nicer than the " blinis " The " blinis " is the traditional way but Melba is better. ( First world problems !!)

I really yearn for the Day when Lady Luck comes my way and I can fly with the Magnificent SQ First Class again.

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