Qantas releases Q Streaming iPhone, iPad app for Boeing 717 trial

By David Flynn, April 21 2015
Qantas releases Q Streaming iPhone, iPad app for Boeing 717 trial

Qantas is now beaming movies, TV shows and music over WiFi directly to passengers' iPads and iPhones on selected Boeing 717 flights using its new Q Streaming app, and says an Android app will follow.

The wireless streaming media service has previously relied on a Qantas-owned iPad being loaned to passengers for the duration of the flight, or using the web browser on their own device to tap into the plane's content server.

Q Streaming is currently offered on all two-class Boeing 717 and selected Airbus A330-200 aircraft where the economy cabin lacks in-seat screens.

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The new Q Streaming app works on two-class QantasLink Boeing 717s flying between Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart.

"Once on board, customers simply switch their device to flight mode and turn WiFi on to connect to the Q Streaming Wi-Fi network," the airline says, noting that "iPads supplied by Qantas will also be available on these flights."

The Q Streaming app gives passengers a simple tap-and-view (or tap-and-listen) menu through which they can browse the entire content catalogue.

Qantas says it will release an Android version of the Q Streaming app later this year, and also extend the service to "selected reconfigured" Boeing 737-800 aircraft plus the upgraded Airbus A330 fleet.

Click here to download the Q Streaming App from iTunes.

Q Streaming for all Airbus A330s

Both the domestic A330-200 jets and their international A330-300 siblings will have Q Streaming installed.

While the tip-to-tail refit of all international Airbus A330-300 jets includes 11.1 inch touchscreens for all economy class seats, 10 out of the 18 domestic A330-200 jets will have seatback screens in economy.

Older aircraft which joined the Flying Kangaroo's fleet without seatback screens – including those handed down from Jetstar as part of the low-cost airline's upgrade to the Boeing 787 – will see economy passengers handed an iPad Mini to use with Q Streaming.

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"The differentiation of IFE system on each aircraft is dependent on the existing system already available" a Qantas spokeswoman has previously told Australian Business Traveller.

"If the aircraft already had a seatback screen then we kept it in. If not, then Q Streaming is used as the solution."

The business class Business Suites across the domestic and international fleets all come with a 16 inch HD touchscreen (as shown below).

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26 May 2012

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I've used it on BNE-CBR return. Works well. A bit lacking for a transcon East Coast-PER but fine on SYD, MEL, BNE, CBR hops. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

06 May 2012

Total posts 179

Used it last week on a Sydney to Canberra flight and it was great. It rivals the Virgin streaming option. I would love to see this rolled out as an option on the 737 fleet.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

04 Mar 2014

Total posts 204

still nothing for the 717s in the west/north :(

22 Apr 2015

Total posts 1

Most people have android, not IOS. Seems a silly OS to launch with.

23 Apr 2015

Total posts 1

Content is ok but you get interrupted far too often by (often unnecessary) cabin announcements. I have given up on it and use my own content on my iPad. 

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